As every one can see, architectural projects as all creative kind of work stand out when they are set on a black background. Office attire is best, say, a blouse, pencil skirt, opaque tights, reasonably smart shoes you're happy to wear all day long. Both the AIA and the work of Edward Mazria, founder of Architecture 2030, work toward this goal. Architects do ador black indeed! So, if you work on or visit construction sites regularly, it’s important that you know what you should be wearing to protect yourself. Therefore, how one dresses as an architect is paramount to creating a first impression. You're being viewed as a prospective employee/trainee so dress smartly. To start, here are 10 unique watches for architects that I think you will enjoy. You don't have to be too stuffy or wear a power suit; just neat and tidy. im becoming an architect soon, and i want to know what type of clothing should i wear to an office and to a construction site. what style or type of clothes do female architects wear to work? Dress pants, and a sports jacket for men. Stick to what you know. The same goes for hair, get a haircut a week or two before. Architecture, like many other professions, depends on the image and the reputation of its leadership as a catalyst for developing trust and rapore among its client base. After a day or so you'll find out what the dress code is. What Do Architects Do? Workplace laws put in place by the Health & Safety Executive dictate what you must wear on a construction site – and these should be … If you have a beard, as many architects do, just keep it neatly trimmed. What kind of things do architects wear to stay safe? Whether you are just starting out in your career or are a veteran architect, these watches will … Also, this isn’t the time to tryout a new style. or do we have to wear very formal type shirts and skirts/trousers in black and white colours? Dress skirt, and dress shirt for women. They look beautiful, attractive, full of life despite their simple lack of perfection. This list is the first in a series of posts I will be putting together to help answer the question: "what do architects wear?" Architects work around the world designing buildings . at an office can you wear a bit casual clothes? Let say, architects like black for them to hide their mistakes and lacks within the “black darkness”
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