The fastest growing major religion of the word, Islam professes the Allah or almighty is the supreme of all forces. Jews believe that prophets act as the medium of communication between God and the common people. Hinduism has been the harbinger of world peace, tolerance and achieving the true purpose of life by performing one’s own “Karma”. Twitter; Google+; Facebook; Pinterest; Religion | October 4, 2013 10 Forgotten Ancient Religions. Islam doesn’t call all non muslims as kaafir, rather only those who worship idols and doesn’t believe in 1 God. “Relligion”…what confusion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The most important ritual in the faith is the act of purification of body and mind. Hinduism may not be a unified religion per se, or organized into a distinctive belief system, but Hindus (as they have been identifying themselves for centuries, the result of opposition with other religions) roughly follow the same central traditions, understandable to all the religion’s multifarious adherents. Based in the northernmost regions of the Indian subcontinent (most likely in present-day Nepal) roughly between the 6th and 5th centuries BCE, he was the founder and leader of his own monastic order, one of many sects (known as Śramana) that existed across the region at the time. The concept of Confucianism has both strong followers and critics. Only their approaches are different”. You have entered an incorrect email address! Taoism can be traced with some certainty to a work attributed to the mythical Laozi (said to have been a contemporary of Confucius), the Tao Te Ching, whose oldest recorded edition dates back to the 4th century BCE. Hahaha Islamaphobia… maybe its because its the second largest in the world and still committed to the idea of a holywar, if any of the other religions kill people its a sign that their religion is bad… but for islam they say its just rouge group and its not what the koran teaches… yes most religions teach in someway that violence is necessary the christians literally re-wrote the word of god to be less violent, an the majority of islamic practitioners believe sharia law cannot be reinterpreted and if you know the laws of sharia its unspeakable in todays society. Yazdânism: Interestingly enough, three particular Kurdish religious variants (practiced among the Yazidis, Goran, and Ishik Alevis), grouped together under the umbrella neologism Yazdânism (Cult of Angels), have evolved from a mix of Islam and a Hurrian precursor to the Zoroastrian faith. Where from u came and where u have to go. Once a dominant religion on the Indian subcontinent (before the rise of reform Hinduism in the 7th century CE), Jainism has fairly obscure origins. The Catholics worship 4 gods – The Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Mary, unlike the Christians who worship only the first 3. Islam is not man made religion. One of the newest religions, Sikhism has spread rapidly across the world as the ninth largest religion practiced by approximately 28 million people worldwide. If it is today followed by an estimated 11–14 million people, its two successor faiths – Christianity (1st century CE) and Islam (7th century CE) – are the world’s most popular, with a combined 3.8 billion adherents. But very hard because our tendency is to be selfish. And the most important fact to remember when we are looking at “different” religions is that people may call themselves by the name of some religion, but what they CALL themselves is meaningless if they are not LIVING in love. So may I suggest to this unfortunate brain-washed follower of Islam that being a free thinker is such a breath of fresh air. The early years of Judaism’s origin can be traced back to 3000 years ago during the Bronze Age when it was the primary religion of people situated in the place known as the Middle East in the modern times. When the last and final messenger came. Followers of Judaism are seen mainly in Israel, United States, and Canada. A monotheistic religion, the most prominent movement Rabbian Judaism follows is the written and oral Torah. 10 The Ancient Mesopotamian Religion Sumerian cuneiform is believed to be the earliest form of writing, and the Mesopotamian religion is the oldest in written history. The Light of Islam will continue to shine no matter what you do to discredit it. The religion now has ten million plus followers. Think about it. Jains are said to number six to seven million worldwide. Though most religions make it a point to claim their teachings have been consistent since the dawn of time (whenever that was), spiritual traditions have appeared and disappeared throughout the ages with the same regularity as empires.
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