The meat was tender and thinly sliced, and was served with a creamy tahini sauce. Chicken, for the win!I love finding amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurants, so I was ecstatic when I came upon Rosine's for the first time. It's nice although I kind of miss the intimate wine cave tiny table white tablecloth environment from before. East Lansing, MI-48823 Tabooli Mediterranean is one of the finest Mediterranean restaurant located at East Lansing, MI. Made with chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil the creaminess and flavor profile of this dish was amazing.Wheat pilav with orzo noodles - I'm glad I opted for this dish as it provided for a nice change of place versus a typical rice dish. Rotisserie chicken is to die for. The baba ghannouj drizzled with olive oil and parsley was a cool, creamy puree and went well with the pita bread. The only pickup time was a few hours later… The rest of the platter was also good...but I haven't really acquired a taste for the eggplant or tabbouleh salad, so I'm not going to base my reviews on them. In which case, you might want to ask for some more bread.Main: Half rotisserie chicken. The chicken in itself is juicy and flavorful, but then there's the garlic sauce... it's game over. The food is outstanding. ... traditional BBQ places with things like green rice (a rice, broccoli casserole), ... All the other take out items that we got were great too (, ... and she was just amazing! If you are a garlic lover, order the garlic paste on the side = so delicious! The ambience is nice, the food is terrific, and the service is spot-on.To start, they provide as many of the fresh pita breads as you request. ... favorite go to for delicious Mediterranean food. I would say this is good for 6 to 8 people. You really should eat here. I grab a pita and open it up to make a pocket. The. The wait staff is very, very attentive; we did not want for anything. They also have better garlic sauce ... which baffles me because everyone was raving about the garlic sauce at Rosine's. My husband and I were sick the next day. At 6pm, the dining room was nearly empty, but by the time we left, even the seats at the bar were full.The Lehmejoun or Armenian pizza ($6) was more like a grilled pita sandwich filled with minced beef, tomatoes, parsley, bell peppers, and onions. No contest! Done deal. My favorites are wheat pilav, rice pilav, garlic mashed potatoes, or tabbouleh. Submit corrections. We shared a lot of appetizers and tried each other's fare, and literally cleaned our plates. While I do like kabobs, they seem to be pricey here ($6 to $10 per skewer), and would pass on those. Just sayin. Perhaps we just came here with high expectations.The week after we visited Rosine's, we visited "Pita Hut" (a hole in the wall Mediterranean joint in Fullerton) and spent $20 for half a chicken and a three skewer plate. I've been here a number of times already and each time I've been impressed. Or you can try the Chilled Mezzeh if you want don't want to limit yourself to just hummus (e.g. I think it's one of those Yelp places that people continue to give good ratings to and visit just because of the review count. My girlfriend and I had lunch there together a couple of days ago but she didn't order the tabbouleh. I would probably stick to the same dishes and sides. At half the price and twice the food, if we are in north OC we will only go to Pita Hot for Mediterranean.If you are looking for Mediterranean at a non-hole in the wall place or just like spending the type of $$$ Rosine's charges, I'd recommend Open Sesame in Long Beach. It strangely grew on us over time, but while it was bearable for the time being, I wouldn't order it again.Don't let the plain Jane storefront deceive you. One evening they had braised lamb as a selection. Ok I'll get to the point....just plain unappetizing. Not only is the food delicious, it is just a short walk from our home. I brought leftovers home from our lunch and they ate the salad. As well as the rice pilaf and garlic sauce. It s always fresh and lots of options. I had such a hard time deciding but went with the masses and got rice and garlic mashed potatoes. As Judy H mentioned, the portions are sizeable and I saved half for lunch the next day. I usually take the skin off my chicken, but this is one of the few places where I'll eat the whole thing. Maybe a bottle of white because I'm going to recommend the chicken in a little bit.Appetizer: The waitress brings out warm pita bread wrapped up in a basket of happiness. But the best part, it is even better as a left over. The tabbouleh was very sour and drenched. The humus is also very nice and their tabbouleh is a very tasty salad that has a flavor that stays with you like a bad one night stand, which is not to say that the tabbouleh is bad; you just might want to consume a few breath mints...Bringing a date here and scoring on said date is almost guaranteed; but then it's directly tied to how much vino is consumed by both parties. :o)For appetizers we ordered the baba ghannouj ($6.50) and ratatouille ($5.50). I smother it on my rice and dip the pita's uncontrollable. The hummus, pickled turnips and the Tabbouleh are definitely a must side dish. The service was great as well. (Update:  it was so good, people at lunch were asking what I was eating). I find that most restaurant chicken is either dry, or smothered in gross gravy. And they prepare it much quicker than if you order dining in.So enjoy! We got kebabs. We had a lite lunch.. Because it is now sold in most large supermarkets around the world, I feel compelled to dispel one thing: the “star of the show," so to speak, in a tabouli … Making. It is soooo moist and falls off the bone, I mean FOTB often used without proper control or designation, but Rosine's chicken is...F.O.T.B. For my sides I opted for the ratatouille, hummus, pilav, and garlic sauce.Rotisserie chicken - The chicken was juicy, tender and tasted great. Here's how it goes down on my plate. Our tabbouleh was on the salty side while the scoop of Muhammara or Walnut Caviar was a tart, grainy paste that while go0d with pita, was even better with the chicken. The rice at Pita Hot is ******amazing*******. I used to come here a lot for lunch when I worked down the street. I didn't realize that the chicken came with some garlic sauce and store bought pita bread, which meant I shouldn't have ordered a large garlic sauce as a side and should have ordered a different side. My ex-boyfriend took me here, and I think he found it on Yelp! It's best to go there when you have some time to spend and want to relax over an hour or more. Divine.Some of my friends have compared this place to Zankou Chicken. The menu here consists of the following Mediterranean fare:Appetizers (hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghannouj, muhammara, mashed/roasted potatoes, lebneh, kebbeh, lehmejoun, soujoukh, soups, and salads)Mains (luleh kebab, shawourma, rotisserie chicken, chicken/lamb/shrimp/ono/veggie kebabs, falafel)Dessert (baklava and farina cake)Pricing for all their items are conveniently located on their website. It is excellent little taster plate big enough for a few people to share. Menu may not be up to date. Nice, family run restaurant. Rosine's food is excellent! The only pickup time was a few hours later than what we wanted, but we didn't mind at all. It's worth it. (I hope I spelled that right). :(. Gotta support those small businesses, ya know?Ordered:Appetizer: Chilled Mezzeh (Hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghannouj, muhammara and my fave, sarma). We engaged them a bit and found out they are not all family as we thought, and most of the staff have been there no less than eight years - that's a testament to the owners and the family atmosphere.
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