Spray-applied surface coating operations, as defined by the rule, are operations using a hand-held device to apply an atomized mist of coating which then deposits the coating on a substrate. Where do I obtain information about these metals contained in paints and coatings? How is North Carolina implementing the rule? Spray booth filter efficiency documentation. Vendors or manufacturers? Paint booth ventilation design is important to create a safe environment for painting and to meet OSHA requirements. If you are a facility operating with an environmental permit or you have plans to build a new facility, please contact the NCDAQ Regional Office closest to you. In the paints or coatings, what metals are regulated? The rule does not apply to you if you paint personal vehicles, possessions, or property, either as a hobby or for maintenance and when these operations are performed without pay. The EPA relates to paint booths as they are often concerned with the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCS) you produce. It’s like when you’re in school and it’s always rules, rules, rules. Spray-applied surface coating facilities must: Petition for exemption does not apply to this operation. Paint booth regulations exist to help ensure the proper construction, operation and maintenance of spray booths to further limit liability. Painters at new sources have 180 days after hire to complete training. Paint booths are a critical aspect of safely applying coatings in a facility. Petition for Exemption - is applicable to those shops that no longer use surface coatings containing the regulated hazardous air pollutants, after they had filed the Initial Notification/Compliance form. The codes and permitting requirements for your paint booth depend on where you live. The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) should be made aware of your installation. The majority of paint booths installed in Canada are sold by U.S. manufacturers. Since issuing the standard, the NC Division of Air Quality, NC Small Business Environmental Assistance Program, EPA Region 4 and paint manufacturing companies have engaged in an outreach effort to identify and help autobody shops and facilities comply with the rule. Also, the rule regulates paint stripping operations that remove dried coating using products containing methylene chloride (MeCl). If you are a small business owner or operator, please contact the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (1-877-623-6748) for additional information. Facilities must comply with this rule if they perform paint stripping operations to remove dried coatings with products containing methylene chloride (MeCl) on any part or product made of wood, metal, plastic or a combination of these materials and emit less than 10 tons per year. New Sources: Upon startup after January 9, 2008. This petition only applies to motor vehicle and mobile equipment surface coating operations. If I am an autobody shop owner, how does this rule apply to me? Is it regulated by the rule? Can I obtain a copy of this information from the paint manufacturers or suppliers? Canadian buyers need to ensure the spray booth they purchase is from a paint booth manufacturer that understands that for customers in Canada, there are specific criteria that must be met compared to U.S. regulations. To protect the general population environment and the person inside the paint booth, OSHA had created requirements for paint booth fans and filters to assure that paint booth … What kind of booths do I need to comply with the requirements of the rule? The EPA regulates spray application of paint or other coatings to any motor vehicles, including "Spray application of coatings to a plastic and/or metal substrate where the coatings contain compounds of chromium (Cr), lead (Pb), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), or cadmium (Cd)," according to the EPA's Summary of Regulations Controlling Air Emissions from Coating Operations. The rule requires that all autobody shops: Initial Notification/Compliance Form - Every shop must submit an initial notification to report spray-coating operations. What kind of records do are needed to maintain my compliance with the rule? How can I demonstrate a filter's efficiency? Paint stripping operations facilities must: Recordkeeping - records must be kept on file for a period of at least five years. Train/certify all painters on spray gun selection, spray techniques, maintenance, and environmental rules. Local governments enforce one of the following codes: VOC’s are compounds that are harmful to the atmosphere that are present to varying degrees in coatings. Each state, county and city usually selects one of these codes as the main top-level code to reference requirements. Where can I find the Initial Notification/Compliance Form? Maintain a clear space of at least 3 ft on all sides and above the spray booth. Local regulations may also require you to get a paint booth with a third-party safety certification, such as an ETL-listed paint booth. The AHJ can advise what city, county and/or state codes are applicable. The rule requires that all autobody shops: Submit the Initial Notification/Compliance Form to EPA and NC Division of Air Quality. If I use water-based paints, how does the rule apply to me? Subpart HHHHHH, commonly called 6H, includes three operation categories: Motor Vehicles and Mobile Equipment Operations, Spray-Surface Coating Operations, and Paint Stripping Operations. Refresher training is required at least once every five years following the initial training date. Apply spray coatings with a high volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray gun, electrostatic application, airless or air-assisted airless spray gun, or similar application method. On January 9, 2008, EPA issued a standard that regulates operations related to the, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Assistance and Customer Service, Environmental Education and Public Affairs, Distance Learning - Environmental Education, Paint Stripping, Miscellaneous Surface Coating, and Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Operations Area Source category, Small Business Environmental Assistance Program, Design for the Environment (DfE)-Automotive Refinishing Partnership, Design for the Environment (DfE)-Auto Refinish Project Best Practices Kit, Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform (EnvCAP), Coordinating Committee for Automobile Repair (CCRAR), Paint & Autobody Rule (6H) Frequently Asked Questions. Paint & Autobody Rule (6H) Frequently Asked Questions, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Assistance and Customer Service, Environmental Education and Public Affairs, Distance Learning - Environmental Education, Small Business Environmental Assistance Program. Copies of Initial Notification/Compliance Forms submitted. Consider alternatives to re-coating without using MeCl to remove dried coating. What are the training requirements of the rule? Can I submit both forms at the same time? If I have a spray-gun that is not classified HVLP, can I use it to paint? Booth should be designed to sweep air currents toward the exhaust outlet. Can I do on-the-job training to certify my personnel? What are the rule requirements for this activity? A free 19-minute training video is available, starring NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and featuring testimonies from large and small shop owners. This rule attempts to reduce emissions of cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), lead (Pb), manganese (Mn), and nickel (Ni) emitted during the spray application surface coating operations. Train/certify all painters on spray gun selection, spray techniques, maintenance, and environmental rules. They can be challenging, but we all know that they exist to promote the safe design, production and use of spray booths.
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