The Slammi Plus seems at a glance to be an … Whammy V vs. EHX Pitch Fork. I’ve been taking a hard look at the Bass Whammy, especially after seeing what Victor Wooten does with it. Unlike typical foot-controlled expression pedals, the Slammi uses no moving parts, relying instead on a motion sensor to track the movement of the pedal. Once I used to have a Micro POG, but eventually I switched to a Digitech Drop (and now a Bass Whammy depending on the needs). Nov 16, 2015 Western NY. The Slammi is the latest entry in the Next Step line of Electro Harmonix effects pedals. Slammi Plus vs Bass Whammy Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ansonsti, Nov 20, 2017. The Pitch Fork is $130 (I own an expression pedal) and the Whammy V is $200. I currently own a Digitech Whammy & so when we got our first shipment of Electro Harmonix Slammi ... A couple of other plus points to note are the 9 volt power supply, battery option, smaller footprint, the on/off switch is in the treadle & it's cheaper!! I want to get an expression control pitch shift pedal that will at least do +/-2 octaves. At last the Electro Harmonix Slammi Polyphonic Pitch-Shifter/Harmony pedal has arrived. The EHX polyphonic algorhythm to me sounds too artificial, with a kind of a woody quality to it. Digitech Whammy vs EHX Pitchfork Im looking to purchase one of these two pedals and was hoping for some assistance. All this edges it out ahead of the competition in my opinion. Any experience with Slammi Plus? That's why I switched to digitech, which polyphony is … Both of these pedals seem to meet my basic requirements, but the pitch fork is capable of doing +/-3 octaves which is very interesting. Can the Whammy do that as well? Tags: bass whammy; digitech; ehx; pitch; plus; whammy; Nov 20, 2017 #1. ansonsti. In particular I need an octave down which can blend with the dry signal and sound as 'real' to a bass as possible.
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