but for experienced players you could base a formation off of the last 4 to 5 even heroes knowing they wont have all but at least maybe have those? This one's tough at higher Free Play levels. When I am not using Diath, my characters never miss, and they do not have the debuff on their circle, or in their character. And had horrible repercussions for the region. This formation is for new players with no Event Champs to swap in. Single-target Primary DPS will not do well here. A giant flaming fist smashes all enemies from above, dealing massive damage. Missing on everyone is a pain and having to use Diath in a position that helps as many people hit their targets is also a pain as it puts you in a sub-optimal configuration. Gaar's Formation: Here's the formation I've used to get to e10 Favor already. Once you know you can pass level 50 easily in Free Play, doing that every 2500 Waffles gets you a random Event Champion chest, either Silver or Gold. Born Leader: Diath increases the damage of everyone in the column behind him. The Midsummer event is a temporary campaign in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms with adventures with three variants each. I'd report it to CNE as a potential bug because that seems like it's working incorrectly as the debuff should always be there and only be negated when he's next to someone. I just passed 175 and now that I've read this I've realised I didn't notice anybody miss either. Psylisa's Discussion on Completing an Event as a New Player. Yeah, I'm doing that one now and he's super annoying. Super guide. Complete all three variants of the "The Missing Lord" adventure. Wasn't a big issue for me. (Roughly 1 every 30 seconds.) Good with: Everyone, but he can be formation-dependent due to how his buff works. If they can't, that's a good sign you're not ready to pass this level. Experienced/Veteran Player Formation & Specializations. A Stealthy Drow Pickpocket appears on every level, and if they reach the formation, you fail the area and have to head back to the previous level. Note: This page is severely outdated and most of these formations aren't possible anymore. However, upon arrival the party is summoned by the Blackstaff of Waterdeep, Vajra Safahr. He does enough missing for everyone. Basic Attack: Acrobatic Backstab - Diath backstabs a random opponent. Obtain a piece of gear for each of Diath's six equipment slots. I'm closing to level 100 and everyone in formation still oneshots regular enemies. Idle Champions uses formations where you can place your Champions where you want them to be. Once you've used Celeste's Ultimate, it's time to figure out if you can beat the Dragon. (These tips assume an optimized formation but are formation-neutral. Switched Diath in and we started missing attacks all over the place. I swap Catti-Brie in for Jarlaxle when I hit a Boss that I don't have the DPS for and then once I've hit my wall with Jarlaxe I just leave him out in favor of her to the end of my run. The amount your conversion grants you is based both on the amount you earned during the event and the amount you have of the type you're converting to. Last Updated: August 2nd, - Added tips for beating the Dragon in Free Play runs, Last Updated: July 28th, - Drow Deception & Luck of the Wafflecrew Notes; added my personal formation, Last Updated: July 26th, 11:45am - Added Community Discussion, Last Updated: July 25th, 8:55pm - Waterdeep Escort notes, Last Updated: July 25th, 6:45pm - More Diath info, Last Updated: July 25th, 3:10pm - Diath info, Last Updated: July 25th, 12:15pm - Monster info, item info, Last Updated: July 25th, 11:20am - Basic info; monster info coming soon. Why would you even want this? Diath is not a thief, nor a burglar, he only seeks challenges and forgotten relics. This is my first guess at a decent setup using more alternate swaps. Midsummer was celebrated widely in Faerûn. With a completion level of 125, this shouldn't be difficult if you wait for it to show up as Easy. It's fine if not a single other party member can take off a segment as long as your Primary DPS can. lol. If you die before Celeste's Ultimate is back up, then you're not leveled enough to pass this Boss at this time. If you plan on buying Gold Event Chests with real money from the store (which is a great way to support the game! I saw the assassin once for the briefest of moments sometime between lvl 20-30 before click damage killed it. Not a single one across all areas. On "Luck of the Wafflecrew", I noticed that the debuff for 50% miss chance comes from Diath himself. As of … Leadership Training: Diath's leadership skills are further refined, increasing his Born Leader buff. This page was last edited on 18 July 2020, at 05:19. But he definitely fails the low DEX variant (which Dhadius can do, along with the CHA one), and he also is Chaotic like Calliope and Dhadius, so still no help from the 5th slot on the Lawful-only variant.
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