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Time Vandal Series
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Time Travel Science Fiction - Time Vandal Series
M. E. Bowling


M. E. Bowling

Songs of Atlantis - a Time Vandal Story

STATUS: In editing

The followup to First Epiphany of the Time Vandal is set for release in April of 2017. In it, Dr. Elijah Snow and his computer companion Fuzzy continue their jaunt through time, space and history. They are in search of that elusive city Atlantis, in hopes of discovering the secrets of its technology.

Prvni Zjeveni Vandala Casu

STATUS: Translation begins in May, 2017

The Czech version of First Epiphany of the Time Vandal is coming soon. Literary translator Viktor Dvorak (Talk Like Ted – Carmine Gallo / Clinton, Inc. – Daniel Harper) has been contracted to do the translation, which will begin in May, 2017.

Arthur of Appalachia

STATUS: Outlined, first 6 chapters written

This novella is centered the adventures of Elijah and Mole, the boy who made such monumental waves in history. In 1982 now, they ride the roads of the Southeastern United States and even visit Mole's ancestral home in England.


STATUS: Outlined

This is the story of Mary, the circus elephant which was hanged by a crane in a small town in East Tennessee. The book will fictionalize,based on the true story, the events leading up to this unbelievable act. Although visited briefly in Songs of Atlantis, Mary's story will now be told in full.

Father, May I?

STATUS: Outlined, first 4 chapters written

The story of a boy named Logan, who is being raised by his dictatorial great-grandfather, a man apparently in possession of not even an ounce of compassion for his fellow man (or the child in his care). Years later, after the man is dead and the boy becomes a man, the Earth is threatened with a horrifying natural calamity. Logan rises up from the ashes and fights to restore order, decency and honor to the society of the survivors.

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About The Author

M. E. Bowling spent most of his childhood years shuttling between various Air Force bases in Europe and the United States. As a child in a military family, he attended 12 different schools before he was 14 years old.

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