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Time Travel Science Fiction - Time Vandal Series
M. E. Bowling

From the Journal of the Time Vandal

Dear Reader,

I’ve been told over and over about the need for fresh content on my ‘blog’ (sheesh, I hate that word) to keep Google’s fancy tickled. Although I agree in principle, I’m just not much of the type that writes articles or blogs. I like writing reasonably long stories.

So I’ve tried to find a compromise. In my books I often give a view into the mind of the Time Vandal from a first person perspective by way of his journal (From the Journal of the Time Vandal). I found these to be easy ways to kickstart my writing whenever I was experiencing a bit of writer’s block. I could simply pick an event in the book, and imagine what might be going through the protagonist's mind at that time. And voila, instant progress.

So I’ve decided to use this same tack in my objective of creating fresh content for my website. I will start releasing articles under the theme of ‘From the Journal of the Time Vandal’, with one important distinction: while before I wrote these for events that had already been written, now I will write them for events that will be written for future Time Vandal stories. So they will be teasers in a way, spoilers in another.

Although I have not yet written the third and final Time Vandal book, I do have a good idea of most of the events that will transpire. So in that way I will be able to go ahead and write these. Be advised, however: you might not know exactly what he’s referring to in his journal entries.

But that will be part of the fun :-D

M.E. Bowling


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About The Author

M. E. Bowling spent most of his childhood years shuttling between various Air Force bases in Europe and the United States. As a child in a military family, he attended 12 different schools before he was 14 years old.

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