Fill with more minced pork. Add a little for corn flour if it is too wet. This is my wife’s favourite dish, I test and try umpteen times to get this recipe. © 2016 My Singapore Food. The Hakka yong tau foo she serves is a variation of her mum’s recipe. Salt Cut into half to serve. Yong Tau Fu Recipe: How to Make Homemade Yong Tau Fu Advertisement. Culinary students are cooking up a storm! Cut chicken thigh to dice size. Rub with salt and leave for 20 mins. Sent for deep fry for around 5mins. Personal wish related to cooking: I wish my son can inherit my cooking skills and open his own restaurant. Hakka Yong Tau Foo Filling Recipe. Hua Diao Chinese Wine Repeatedly chop on it to give it a rough minced texture. Hakka Yong Tau Foo Filling Recipe Filling Ingredients:. 14 yr old. Check out their recipes here. All rights reserved. Fresh off the dim sum cart, these black bean sauce yong tow foo are always succulent, juicy, fresh, and the black bean sauce adds an earthy note to the dish. Preparing the Sweet Sauce:. Below, you will see how to make Hakka yong tau foo soup from scratch for 6 people in an hour. Saute the yellow onions, dried anchovies and soya beans in 2 tablespoon of oil till the onions go … Seasonings Today, I am sharing a new recipe, black bean sauce yong tow foo, which is popular and commonly found at Cantonese dim sum restaurants. Blanch in soup for around 3 mins. To Garnish:. Preparing the Soup (if serving with soup):. Making the Yong Tau Foo —— 600g of minced pork 50g of shredded dried cuttlefish (grounded) 200g of fish paste or mackerel fish 1 tablespoon of cornflour 1 teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons of light soya sauce A few dashes of white pepper A few pieces of vegetables of your choice A … Mix well till gluey. Add 1 tbsp of fish paste, pinch of salt, sugar and pepper, some egg white and 1 tsp of corn flour. Dap the both sides of the minced pork( the joining edges between bitter gourd and minced pork) with a little corn flour. Dish out set aside. She was from Mei Xian 梅县, a county located in northeastern of Guangdong. Cut and use a spoon to dig a square hole on its surface. Set aside. Sugar Dish out place in a bowl of warm soup, set aside. Dap dry with kitchen towel and sear it till golden brown with little oil in a non stick pan. Use a spoon to scrap the white internal part. Yong Tau Fu Recipe: How to Make Homemade Yong Tau Fu Advertisement. It is now the family’s favourite dish. Cut a hole on the tau pok( Tofu puff) , gently reverse it inside out. Always on my to-eat list whenever I am having dim sum. Use palm to scoop paste and throw back to mixing bowl a few times. Pour in hot soup [A] through a strainer and serve immediately. Rub a little corn flour on it surface then top with seasoned minced pork. Vegetables:. Sesame Oil Most popular. Boil 6 bowls of water with soy beans and ikan bilis for 1-2 hrs. See recipes for Bean paste yong tau fu, E-Fu Noodle too. Use palm to scoop paste and throw back to mixing bowl a few times to increase its springy texture. Cut into quarterly to 4 pieces and section cut to 1cm thick. Mix Well and stir in one circular motion till achieving gluey texture. A collection of home-cooked recipes from culinary professional. Try to close up the opening and use 2 palms to shape into ball. Soup Ingredients:. 32 homemade recipes for fu from the biggest global cooking community! Wash bitter gourd with water and pat dry with kitchen towel. Mix well till gluey. Add finely chopped basil leaves, 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp sugar, some egg white, 2 tbsp fish paste, 1 tsp Hua Diao Wine, 1/2 tsp chicken powder and 1 tsp corn flour 1 tsp of light soy sauce.
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