Ornatorpet is a electronic/ambient outfit from Boras, Sweden and really all you need to know about this album is right on there the cover. While writing my fanfictions as well as planning out scenes that would occur in future installments of Galactic Threat; I find myself listening to a lot of music. In a 2001 study to see whether that helped or hindered the students’ ability to write essays, researchers S.E. And nooo... it doesn't distract you from reading. (WORDLESS MUSIC) Try to listen to calm classical music while reading! The last playlist had a definite European flavor. They fear the lyrics might sneak into their prose. The answer from me is a resounding, yes, they should. Personally, I don’t mind listening to music with lyrics as I write, if it’s music I’m already well-familiar with. I’ve asked a lot of writers what they prefer, and the majority of them also prefer to listen to music, but music without lyrics. One of my main characters is very musically skilled, so I listen to songs I hear him in and stuff, it's typically music he would play, too. … A commenter on this… Two birds with one song, getting into character to write really helps me when writing from their perspective. In one of my early blog posts, I shared a playlist for writers working on a high fantasy or a medieval historical novel. However, sometimes I end up listening to heavy metal or punk while writing, if I'm trying to get into a certain mood for a fight scene or a death scene. I usually listen to Enya or classical piano while writing. Do writers listen to music when they write? High school and college students often listen to music while doing homework. My personal taste mostly includes Metal with Nightwish, Dream Theater, Tool, Ministry, Ghost and Metallica being just some of many bands I turn on while writing whatever comes to mind regarding my fanfictions. I think the the slow, soothing, melodious tones help to get the brain working. I wanted to make another one! This one is slightly more multicultural, and longer -- a little over two hours of music for writing inspiration. I use music to get into character. Most music I cannot listen to while writing, I find it too distracting. I already answered a very similar question… If you want to focus while writing or reading, listen to music! Writing What Red Was, there were only two albums I listened to – Channel Orange and Blonde, both by Frank Ocean – and I had them on repeat. But I had listened to these albums so many times that the … Hello!
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