Elephants, tigers, and other wild animals don’t perform circus tricks by choice. Terms like “ethically sourced,” “humanely raised,” “free range,” “cage free,” and more show up on animal products to put the consumer at ease, but the bottom line is that it’s not an ethical practice to kill a living being that does not want to die just so you can enjoy the taste of their body for a brief moment in time, no matter how nicely you treated them before sending them to slaughter. Registered in the UK as Animal Abuse Injustice and Defence Society. More information Accept. Why Go Vegan for the Animals. This causes extreme emotional distress in the mother every time the cycle happens, not to mention the physical toll of being, birth far more babies than she would naturally in her lifetime, stand confined on concrete floors to be milked three times per day, and fed hormones and antibiotics to increase her milk production and stop the spread of disease that these conditions cause in the first place, The fate of the calf depends on its sex, and is horribly cruel either way: if male, the calf is considered a waste product of the dairy industry (because he will never produce milk), and may be put into, , where he will be kept confined and restricted of nutrients until his very early death (. As fertilized eggs are hatched by the thousands in hatcheries to produce newer generations of egg-laying hens, naturally around 50% of the time a male chick is born. Some sea birds are in increasing danger of starvation as their food source – fish – dwindles. An unfathomable 150 billion animals are murdered each year by humans. These fates are similar for other female species used for dairy, including but not limited to goats and sheep. Whether milk is produced in a giant factory farm or on a small family farm, the results are the same: a cow is forcibly inseminated and made to carry her calf to term, after which the calf is taken from her so that he or she doesn’t feed on what is intended to be profit for the farmer. Every year in the UK, around 1 billion animals are bred and killed for food – and that number doesn’t include fish! This happens regardless of whether a farm is intensive, free-range or organic. When a dairy cow gives birth to a calf, however, that calf may never receive the nutrients intended for them. Many will die before they even leave the farm, victims of the terrible conditions in which they live; and for the rest, a terrifying and bloody slaughterhouse death awaits. Going vegan for the animals Going vegan is one of the best things you can do to help stop animal cruelty. Living vegan thus entails an effort to avoid using animals in all areas of life, but the choices we make about the food we eat are an important and impactful place to start. Why going vegan is the best New Year’s Resolution you can make, and how to do it 0 Total Shares. For an example of some of the animal exploitation found in Thailand, read Giselle’s blog, The man-made habitats in zoos, and the number of individuals within a species that can be contained there, are. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Other fish, such as tuna, are speared on hooks on the end of long lines, and slowly dragged to their death. To meet the demands of eggs for consumption by humans, hens have been “intensively bred” and subjected to all manner of cruel practices to force their bodies to overproduce the estimated 250-300 eggs each egg-laying hen is forced to yield annually. Go Vegan for the Animals Most vegans choose to live a vegan life for moral reasons. For the animals: Ethics usually plays a big role in people's decisions to go vegan. The natural lifespan of a chicken can be anywhere from 8-15 years, but an egg-laying hen often won’t make it to age two before she is considered “spent” and no longer of use to the industry, at which point she will be killed. To learn more about vegan eating, check out our Guide to Going Dairy Free and our Guide to Veganizing Your Favorite Egg Dishes (with tips on cooking and baking without eggs).
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