We like using prepackaged spiralized zucchini noodles to keep this recipe ultra-fast, but if you have a spiralizer and zucchini on hand, you can easily make your own. They're all healthy too! Using frozen riced cauliflower instead of rice keeps the carbs in check--and makes for quicker prep. It looks so fancy and delicious, I want to try it now. Having years of experience, we have more to offer than what you find on the blog: specialized ebooks, exclusive recipes and plenty of advice. By using grape tomatoes, prewashed spinach and prepared pesto, we eliminate all prep work, making this 15-minute Caprese-inspired ravioli the ideal weeknight meal. I’m having a proud moment – I really value your content. Glad you like the lineup, all the best in 2018 to you too . Posted in categories Our Favourites for any Occasion! This quick taco recipe is the answer. Vegetarian All-American Portobello Burgers, Mediterranean Ravioli with Artichokes & Olives, Egg Drop Soup with Instant Noodles, Spinach & Scallions, Crunchy Summer Salad with Creamy Vegan Avocado Dressing, Sesame Instant Ramen Noodles with Broccoli & Soft-Boiled Egg, Curried Butternut Squash Soup with Crispy Halloumi, Roasted Red Pepper, Spinach & Feta Penne Pasta, © 2020 EatingWell.com is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. The best vegetarian dinner ideas are here, ready for your perusal. I’ve found several recipes here that I am going to try. Ready in: 40 minutesRecipe by: PinchAndSwirl. amazing list. Ready in max. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine, Craving crunch? You don’t even need to hunt around for an exciting, easy recipe that will charge up the taste buds and still be ready in no time. This meatless (aka vegan) chili proves that you can still enjoy your favourite meals, but in a new, animal friendly way. Healthy, low carb, gluten-free, and absolutely delicious. Source: EatingWell.com, March 2019, 20 Healthy Vegetarian Dinners You Can Make in 20 Minutes. If you can't find frozen artichokes, swap in a 15-ounce can (just be sure to drain and rinse them well). If you can't decide, try our recipe roulette to find the perfect vegetarian or vegan dish for you. Thank you for the quick and great recipes! Ready in: 25 minutesRecipe by: Watch What U Eat. It combines weight-loss power foods, eggs and raspberries, with filling whole-grain toast and nutrient-packed spinach. Only vegan ingredients, great taste and ready in 20 minutes. To cut back on sodium, look for noodle varieties with less than 600 mg sodium per serving or use less of the seasoning packet. Serve with warm whole-grain pita bread. The beets are bangin’ in this eye-catching dish. Source: EatingWell.com, January 2019, This nutrient-packed vegan Buddha bowl recipe comes together in 15 minutes with the help of a few convenience-food shortcuts like prewashed baby kale, microwavable quinoa and precooked beets. This coconut curry is the easiest one we’ve ever made, but mixes it up with the top brass. Ideal recipe for busy times. All Right Reserved. Source: EatingWell.com, June 2019, Portobello mushrooms stand in for meat patties in this recipe for veggie burgers with all the fixings. Time: 40 minutes Make Ahead: We've turned two Southern slides, black-eyed peas and greens, into a substantial vegetarian meal.You could also substitute black beans or Great Northern beans for the black-eyed peas. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine, Spring 2020, Take taco night in a new direction with these healthy vegan tacos. But to really give these "patties" a savory boost, we brush them with steak sauce. Crustless spinach pie is a very simple dish that is great for those just starting out on a low carb diet. Hands down one of the most delicious and easiest ways to use up leftovers. While nothing is risk free, some activities are safer than others when it comes to COVID-19. Who said meat free recipes can’t deliver? Keep rockin it! woah, I love the huge variety of options you give here.. A spicy, creamy corn chowder that’s satisfying and filling. Source: EatingWell.com, January 2019, Take advantage of healthy convenience foods, such as pureed vegetable soups, to make a healthy meal in minutes. The protein and fiber help fill you up and the whole meal clocks in at just under 300 calories. Source: EatingWell.com, August 2018, Taco salad doesn't always have to contain beef--this 15-minute version uses tofu or black bean crumbles, which taste delicious and offer up a healthy dose of protein. It is an amazing entirely vegan and gluten free Mexican inspired dish. Everything you need for a delicious feast. 21 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas – Perfect for busy evenings. Hi KeeKee, just click the blue link in the ‘recipe by’ section and you’ll be taken straight to each one . If you can't find it, basil pesto or sun-dried tomato pesto also work well. Thanks for the Amazing recipes. This post may contain affiliate links, so if you buy from a link we may earn a commission at no cost to you. Mushrooms are a source of glutamate, a naturally occurring compound that gives the fungi their umami flavor. Enjoy the rice – I’m sure the tofu will be very tasty in there too! Vegetarian Easter Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast Ideas, Easy Tomato Omelette - Perfect Every Time. Add a simple side salad or some grilled veggies for a satisfying and easy dinner on the grill.
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