The power surge may damage appliances. Your electric … Well, I was actually struck by lightning. So it is always a better idea to stay off the phones of your house before and during a lightning strike. Take a shower. I was a couple miles from home at the time — I liked to go to a park to "check out the babes" as they say. What Happens When Lightning Strikes Your House. Is that close enough? A lightning strike doesn’t even have to hit your home directly – if it hits a power line going into your home you could be in trouble. It’s loud, blinding and terrifying. I was a teen, around 14, just out riding my bike. If lightning happens to strike the telephone line outside your house, it will travel through the line to your phone. My choice was to do nothing or to try and “common sense” it. In the case that lightning strikes your house during a thunderstorm, taking a shower can put you in danger. If you have ever had lightning strike your roof or even the ground near your home, you need to have your home assessed. Lightning often strikes the same place multiple times. When lightning strikes a house, it can cause serious property damage and even ignite a fire. A lightning strike can cause damage to your property in several ways. A lightning bolt will typically hit the highest point of your home, which is your roof, and split up in several paths to reach the ground. Your Roof Could Be Damaged in Ways You Can't See. Here are some damages that may occur: Shock waves.Lightning can create breaks and cracks in brick, concrete, stone, and even cinderblock. What to do if lightning strikes. You’ll be in no doubt about a lightning strike. If your house is hit once it is likely to be hit again. And if by any chance, you are in contact with your phone at that particular moment, it is bad news for you. It could harm both the functional aspects of your home as well as the structural aspects of your home. Seemed reasonable to me that a lightning strike to a house could cause a fire so I grabbed my fire extinguishers and walked the interior. You are safer in your house in the center of a room than outdoors. However, you should not leave the building unless you are in imminent danger. What Happens When Lightning Strikes your House? As one of the top roofing companies in the Lincoln area, we have seen many lightning strikes! Fortunately, nothing was burning. All houses are filled with paths that lightning can follow into a home, creating damage in its wake. When lightning strikes a roof, it could lead to issues with the trusses. Our security system along with the internet was immediately gone so Googling the answer was not going to happen.
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