Just before giving away, decant into smaller glass bottles, pop a whole chilli in each and … During chile season in the Southwest (mid-August through September) people have one of the quadrillion drum roasting vendors flame-roll a big batch all at once. 1/4 oz condensed milk. Roasting also makes it easy to remove the skins. Mild, medium, hot or extra hot. Green bell and jalapeno. Take into account how you intend to drink the Chilli Vodka – neat or diluted with mixers; If you decide that the batch you have made is, in hindsight, too strong, don’t throw it out. STEP 1. The St. George Green Chile Vodka is the perfect addition to your favorite cocktail - but if you're brave enough, you can enjoy it neat or on the rocks, too! For me, infusing a pricey vodka is for special occasions and sipping, not for mixing cocktails. Your choice. 1 oz St. George Green Chile Vodka. I don’t mind little black flecks and pieces of green floating in my glass, they’re tokens of my beloved chiles. 8.6. Once chilled, mix 3/4 oz tea syrup with all other ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Stir in 4oz sugar until completely dissolved, then refrigerate to cool. Of course I plan to make a raw Thai green chilli-stuffed olive (those tiny fiery devils – with all the seeds of course) Martini when I next go to Thailand. 2 cups vodka (your preference, but not the really cheap stuff), 1 glass bottle or jar with wide top and stopper/cap. You could just dilute it with regular vodka – use 1 part chilli vodka to 3 parts regular vodka in your cocktails. Just thinly slice a few of your favorite green chilis (jalapeno, serrano, Thai, etc.) With cheap brands, even charred chiles can’t hide that telltale sinus clearing alcohol bite. 15 votes Tweet. Cocktails > Long drinks > by base-ingredient > vodka-based. Crecipe.com deliver fine selection of quality Chilli vodka recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Be sure to save them for mixing or blending into Bloody Marys, and Dirty Green Chile Martinis. For sipping or mixing in cocktails, namely Bloody Marys and martinis, vodka infused with roasted green chiles has an unforgettable smoky herbie flavor. St. George Green Chile Vodka Tasting Notes That’s wimpy stuff! If you like a cleaner look, strain it through a sieve or coffee filter. I prefer mild or medium for this recipe. The Best Chili Vodka Recipes on Yummly | Cincinnati Chili, Carne Con Chili Stew, Chicken With Garlic And Arbol Chili Your Email and Website Will Not Display... Clean the bottle with water. This Green Chile Vodka is really good to sip on its own, but we wondered what you might do with it in a cocktail. @2017 - Southwest Discovered | Site Design by Sweet P Web Development. Chilli vodka recipe. Some people infuse for a week but I find that the more time you give, it just gets better and smoother. Strain out the chillies and pour back into a bottle to store until needed. Reposado (aged) or anejo (ultra aged), absolutely fine. Scan me to take me with you . I use 1 ½ oz of the vodka, about a tbsp of Worcestershire, a tsp of celery seeds, a little salt and top it off with Clamato (or tomato juice) for a nice fiery beverage. Keep in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 weeks. They are about the size and shape of bananas. We infuse the other four types of peppers (Serrano, habanero, red and yellow sweet bell peppers) separately, and then blend each infusion with the distillate of jalapenos, lime, and cilantro. Every day, shake it. Awards . Gluten Free and Kosher. Slice the chillies and mix with the vodka in a large bottle or jug. After sampling a cocktail made with green chile-infused tequila, dubbed the New Mexican martini, at my friendly neighborhood Chuy’s, I decided I needed to try an infusion of my own. Seal with stopper or cap. You can also use the flames of a gas stovetop, a bbq grill or oven broiler. This bottle had a nice shape with a wooden stopper, I’d forgotten about getting them out. When you take that first sip and place a piece of saturated chile on your tongue, that’s a hello from the Southwest warming you up. Add the vodka and chiles. I would suggest no less than four weeks. Green Chile Vodka Cocktails. How about with some fresh limes, my wife wondered, and then when we checked the St George website we found plenty of … Put the vodka in a cool, dark place. (Makes enough syrup for five cocktails.) It blends fire roasted Hatch chile with other peppers to create a vodka that bears the unmistakable heat and flavor of the Southwest. Green bell and jalapeno. A delicious recipe for Chilli Vodka, with vodka, chili pepper, lemon cordial, lemon juice, club soda and salt. I’ve never infused with the skins on because I’ve heard that can result in a bitter taste.
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