Required fields are marked *. In a large heavy pot, heat the oil over medium high heat until hot. 1 1/2 teaspoons fine sea salt plus extra for seasoning veggies pre-bake. My hope is that you will find inspiration here on SQ – in my story, in my recipes, in the hundreds of wellness articles, and in our amazing community. Warming, satisfying and soothing … Vegan Potato Soup – Vegan Richa Read More » Remove from the heat and serve. 30 minutes or less, Dinner, easy, Gluten free, lunch, Oil free, Potatoes, soup, Vegetables. Regardless of your soup consistency preference, you are going to love this soup! Divide between serving bowl and serve with garnishes of your choice. HOW TO CUT POTATOES INTO EQUAL SIZED PIECES FOR VEGAN POTATO SOUP RECIPE In order to cut vegetables, such as potatoes, or other vegetables in equal-sized pieces, I use my favorite Mueller Vegetable Chopper . Heat the oil in a large stock pot. This chunky vegan potato soup with carrots, cabbage, and sweetcorn is a perfect comforting meal. 30 minutes or less, Dinner, Gluten-free vegan, Oil-free vegan, Recipes, Vegan soups, Vegan weeknight dinners Easy, Potatoes, Vegetables. Cook onion 1/2 tsp salt garlic, celery, carrots for 5-7 mins, Add Bay leaf and quickly fry, then add flour and sauté for 2 mins. It's got a creamy broth base, creamy potatoes, but it's still chunky. Please check this box to confirm your consent in the collection and secure storage of this data, as described in our. Add the leeks and garlic. Along with classic aromatic veggies, this soup is infused with herbs and gets a smokey kick from the smoked paprika. New tips for making ultra-delicious quinoa dishes! Taste and add a bit more salt or seasonings if you need. Add the milk (add one cup at a time until you get the consistency that you like), vegan butter, Italian seasonings, salt and pepper and heat on medium low until the soup begins to boil. Because it's such a simple soup … It’s the best way to stay warm, right after cold showers and cuddling your significant other. Sure, the holidays are fun, but not cold weather, rain, and feeling like it’s nighttime at 4 pm. There's nothing special about the ingredient list. Clean them under cold water, making sure to wash between the layers. Sometimes it goes my way, sometimes it goes his. I think potato soup can stand pretty well on its own, but since it doesn't have protein, I sometimes like to serve it as a side. Gluten-free, oil-free, ready in around 20 minutes. Love, because I get to eat soup pretty much on the daily. Add any other vegetables of your choice: for example, zucchini, bell peppers, different leafy greens, etc. Sounds delicious! great for meal prep Add or remove spices to switch up the flavour profile. It's this thing we have to trade-off every time we want to make soup. Bring the soup to a boil, cover and reduce to a simmer. Your email address will not be published. Click the title of each recipe to be brought to the recipe. But given that extensive showering is needlessly bad for the environment and I am hopelessly single, soup it is. Stir in the nutritional yeast and kale and cook until the kale wilts. Cook for 20 - 30 minutes until the potatoes are tender. You won't be hungry an hour after eating it like with a lot of soups. We can’t wait to see! Dairy-free, low-fat and so healthy! Wash them under the faucet and be sure you get under the layers since leeks can be pretty dirty. full of greens Saute for a further one minute. Seriously, this is perhaps my favourite soup that I’ve made to this date. Your email address will not be published. Guys, a creamy, chunky, comfort food central, NO OIL potato soup recipe. ALL the toppings! We will encourage you, inspire you and support you every step of the way. Then heat some oil in a large pot and sauté the onion for about 3 minutes. Mash the carrots, potatoes, and onion with a potato masher until the mixture is mostly mashed but there are still chunks of carrots and potatoes. Required fields are marked *. The second step is to saute everything. Potato soup is a pretty standard use of them, but one that never gets boring. 2 1/2 cups water. It's full of flavor from garlic and leeks, is easy to make and has the best chunky texture. Aka, a magical ingredient that works in so many recipes. Bring to a simmer and cook, stirring occasionally, until the potatoes are fully cooked through, which usually takes 12-15 minutes.
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