Also, other Ironmind made hand grippers are excellent  – Whether they’re CoC Left-Turn hand grippers, IMTUG utility grippers OR smooth Zenith grippers. They are brutal. Training feels very comfortable right now as I wind down the reps as honestly the hard work is done now. That and the gains I saw from using them were pretty non-existant. Being passionate about strength sports, I'd love to discuss about these topics. There are eleven (11) different strength levels to choose from. Your email address will not be published. Recommended: 2-3 times per week Including to your basic workout routine, always keep developing ways to surprise your muscles with something new. Be on point with your crush-grip training, monitor your progress precisely, eliminate guess-work. Those cheap store bought grippers work fine for this. Armwrestlers were among the first to establish specific training protocols using grippers, as part of a larger strength training program for their sport. 1 set x 10 reps – Medium gripper Stay tuned. Benefit from it, to build even more competitive edge for yourself, or simply have nutcracker skills, crush a can of soda, or rip deck of cards for fun. I will keep my eye on this make sure to recover properly and try massaging with a hockey ball in the evening to try and release a bit of tension. Probably easier than I did now but starting off with a max of 3 reps I felt I could easily match that. Today saw the re introduction of high reps. Thinking of a structure for using grippers everyday has been hard as it is likely that there will be heavy fatigue not just in the hands, but also on the skin. Still, after many decades, there’s one ultimate default choice.. ATIVAFIT dumbbell 71.5 Review – Need Faster & Nicer? The session went well and felt pretty comfortable. Another day another success for my crushing strength! Wonderful, you’ll get a good head start that way.. One important thing to take note of is, you should always properly warm up before training. The point of this experiment is to see if using hand grippers everyday is beneficial or detrimental. 5 x 5 second holds on paper sounds really tough. ATIVAFIT Dumbbell Review – Affordable Space Saver? That’s right I felt like it was a really challenging day so just put it back in today to put myself through exactly the same pain and I really felt it. If you have been following this journey so far it almost feels like I have been growing in confidence and seemingly strength but today hit me hard. Thanks for the comment! 1 set x 6 reps – Hard CoC gripper Great tool, to improve your muscle balance OR compensate muscle overuse – It’s perfect for standalone training OR to be used in conjuction with other hand grippers. To be honest, I have noticed considerable improvement in definition on my right forearm and both wrists seem to look a lot ‘leaner’, my bodyweight is roughly the same so this is likely to be an improvement in tendon strength. The third muscle movement you can perform with hand gripper – Isometric contraction – In other words: You’re going to squeeze handles together & hold them together as long as you can. Starting off relatively easy today’s routine uses 2 hand grippers and is a way of bedding in for the long ride ahead. To warm up efficiently I will be using our Finger Exercisers and Grip Ring Plus. Feel free to ask for assistance & share your thoughts by leaving a comment. But i’m putting it into the 10 second holds. Use this gripper to tune up your thumbs, index & middle finger, pinkie & ring finger. Don’t forget to tag us on your Instagram if you are joining us on this experiment. @godsofgrip. Basic training routine for Captains of Crush Hand Grippers. I certainly don’t seem to be seeing any down sides at the moment. Achilles who? For example, a cheap gripper made in China can state 200 lbs on it but you’ll find crushing a Captains of Crush, The Trainer (100 lbs) much harder. A slight worry is there seems to be a small cut / stress mark on the palm of my left hand after training. I did also forget my finger exerciser so did not get a chance to use that before training. Only 5 days in and I feel like I have been doing this for weeks! I think if the gripper was 250lb + then the pain would have come back but Achilles 200lb is feeling comfortable for me at the moment. Recommended for seniors & youth, great complement for other IronMind hand grippers. Captains of Crush Hand Grippers are made to endure. I’m sure it will be gone by tomorrow, to be honest my left hand is doing a good job keeping up with my right as it is to be honest considerably stronger. One day will typically involve high repetitions with lower weight and one day lower reps with high resistance. I plan on using some ice tonight to help recovery and will also use the finger exercisers as usual. It felt easy to start but my hands did feel tired today and the burn turned into a little pain on the hands as I squeezed out the last few reps. Did I just get a de ja vu or does today’s training look exactly the same as yesterday? A little happier and less ‘burned out’ compared to yesterdays session. Why? Feel free to grab a Left-Turn gripper & train your grip exactly the same way as you would with a regular CoC gripper. Lunch time training session today, I had scoops of my rice in between crushes. I did initially think wear on the skin would be an issue but not this early on! Workout: I made today’s training a really short simple one. 1 set x 3 reps – Very hard gripper against a resistance. Achilles shall feel my wrath once again. However.. It’s a big however, I had considerable pain in my index and middle finger for around 2 weeks after, this really restricted my ability to lift properly. So, it’s also extra important to include quality-assurance. Using hand grippers has become worldwide standard to build grip strength & they’ve already been used to do so for decades. They’re perfect complements to Standard CoC grippers. Core Fitness Dumbbells Review – Ultimate Space Saver. 1 set x 10 reps – Warm-up gripper Negative repetitions involve a regular close with a slow release of the hand gripper. Really happy with how training is going, who said using grippers every day was a bad thing? We also introduced Hephaestus back into training which was good, to be honest it felt tough but seemed to close nicely. This does not only apply to the moments where you find yourself stuck at plateau, but this is something you should do all the time – being more versatile, trying to involve the whole package. I will start by answering two of the most popular questions. Easy. Much more comfortable than usual. Remember to always listen to your body, there is a huge difference between training when injured and training when tired or suffering from DOMS. Why? 1 set x 10 reps – Warm-up gripper Crushing can be defined as the action of closing the fingers, Captains of Crush grippers can definitely help you out to tune up your grip real good. 1 set x 5 reps – Hard gripper Required fields are marked *, Hand Gripper Heaven Part 1 – Poseidons Wrath, ©2020 Gods Of Grip LTD All rights reserved, on Using Hand Grippers Everyday For A Month. Looking forward to the rest of the week I think a slight change in the programming will help reduce this pain, increasing the reps and taking the weight down for now. This post will be regularly updated over the next month or so with the daily training routine and a small write up on how I felt the training went! This will save you sifting through a whole months worth of grueling training. A couple of days before beginning I have taken my current max hand gripper strength on a few of our grippers.
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