It is also one of the modern public universities in the Czech Republic having modified teaching techniques and advanced laboratory equipment supported by the government to provide good learning conditions to their students. Some of those universities are the University of New York in Prague and Charles Universities having degrees and courses mostly taught in English and French. This university takes pride from the wide range of degrees they offer for local and international students with 220 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs available. They have trouble managing both its local and international students that is why, in 2014, the university established an international office to be more organized and easily cooperate and communicate with partner institutions and organizations abroad. The cost of language courses depends on the duration, place of study (Prague, Brno, etc. The country has managed to offer its citizens the education rights they deserved as they see this as a worthful investment for their country. So, if you wish to study in Czech Republic in English as an international student, you must meet these English requirements. For the development of subjects in Czech, there are special programs of pre-university language preparation. In the Czech Republic, the tuition fee ranges from 0 – 22,350 USD per year and the range only matters for courses taught in foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish, etc. Most universities in the Czech Republic are taught in Czech because as stated in their law, universities in the country must have the majority of their courses taught in their native language to avail of free education. If you select English as the language of the program, the course at the university will be paid. The landlocked nation of the Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is picturesque country in central Europe. Czech universities offer students programs in Czech / English, pre-university preparation, postgraduate education. For a country of not quite 11 million people, Czech universities also score high in global rankings. if you entered the budget on a general basis and show brilliant results in studying, if you come under the international exchange program, if you study in Czech undergraduate and graduate programs in a number of specialties, nostrification (confirmation of compliance with Czech state educational standards) of a school certificate / diploma of the university: this procedure takes about 1 month and takes place without problems, provided that you studied at an educational institution that has passed state accreditation in your country, confirmation of payment of the application for admission (each application to the university costs 15-20 €, the number of applications is not limited). Lowest / Cheapest Tuition Fees Universities, A Study Abroad Junction for International Students. However, courses in foreign languages are also taught in some universities for international students who have no background in the Czech language. Being a well-developed and economically rich country sure has its benefits especially when its citizens and people who know their language get to study for free. You can study in Czech Republic on fully funded or partially funded scholarships. The reason for this unexpected soar in the foreign student population was because of the programs offering and providing practical skills alongside the theoretical ones. Coronavirus updates for international students at Czech universities. SMAPSE offers more than 10 best universities in the Czech Republic where international students can get high-quality higher education. However, the university specializes mostly in fields that have to deal with agriculture and nature such as degrees on AgriSciences, Forest and Wood Technology, and other degrees on Horticulture. If you are one of the few people who are familiar with the sceneries and architectural designs of the buildings in the Czech Republic, you will know the economic state that the country has: advanced and high standard of living. The content of the site is not a public offer . Due to this, among all the countries in the European Union, the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate at 2.2%. Government of Czech Republic and Universities in Czech Republic offer scholarships to international students and local citizens every year and we have listed here some best PhD Scholarships in Czech Republic, Masters Scholarships in Czech Republic, and undergraduate level scholarships. Up to date, over 90% of the adult population has completed at least up until secondary education. The standard programs for the European educational system are available to foreign students: The most popular among students are technical, medical, economic and humanitarian specialties - the first two options give good chances for further employment in the Czech Republic. * Your personal data is safe and will not be disclosed to third parties. According to the website of the Charles University in Prague, the IELTS requirement for international students must be a score of 6.5 … The Czech Republic is a country of modern affordable education and ancient universities, attracting the best specialists and teachers to teach humanitarian, technical, medical specialties. There are special language centers in the country that offer semester or one-year Czech language programs developed by qualified teachers. Just like other universities, the university established an international office for the inquiries, collaboration, cooperation, and management of their current and incoming international students to ease the process. Free education for everyone. Among other universities in the country, it has the highest percentage of enrolled international students having over 20% of its student population of over 1600 international students out of 8,300 total population. Browse in the list of the accredited institutions below.
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