There are many different sizes, colors, and shapes of arare. Some are sweet, and others savory. Because the rice dough is so versatile and can take on virtually any flavor or shape, it lends itself well to many special creations. Special Types of Senbei. Senbei rice crackers are a representative snack of Japan. In fact, for many a discerning Hachinohe resident, exactly which senbei marker produces … This type of senbei contains black sesame seeds. The seeds add a particularly nutty flavor to the rice cracker. In the Hachinohe Area, Nanbu Senbei are an indispensable part of every household, and are regularly eaten in an everyday context. Main Flavors and Types of Senbei. Senbei can be savory or sweet. If you haven’t tried them, senbei are a type of traditional Japanese cracker that have been enjoyed for centuries. Types of Senbei Crackers The many different types of senbei crackers out there makes this snack truly fascinating and varied. There are various types of senbei available. Baked senbei include simple salted senbei, soy sauce flavored senbei, chili pepper senbei as well as sarame senbei, which has a thick coating of granulated sugar on it. Nure Senbei . There are also several types of special senbei featuring more distinctive flavors or textures, made by artisans or from specific regions of Japan and China. Senbei makers have been very creative in developing all kinds of flavor for this quintessential Japanese snack. The size and shapes are what distinguish arare from senbei. Arare (あられ “hailstones”) is a type of bite-sized Japanese cracker made from glutinous rice and flavored with soy sauce. OTHER TYPES OF SENBEI: ARARE. In Japan, the most common ingredient for senbei is uruchi rice, a type of rice that is eaten everyday in Japan. Rice-based senbei tend to come in one of two large categories: baked senbei and fried senbei. Taste-wise, senbei can be very different according to each type. Some recipes even date back to more than a hundred years ago! They can be purchased everywhere from department stores to supermarkets, and their flavors are as varied as the number of companies that make them. Types of Nanbu Senbei.
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