Make sure both your handles are at the same length. Remember, the longer the straps … To begin, find a secure point at which to fasten your TRX overhead. Chest Fly. Here is how you do your TRX Chest Fly: Starting with the TRX straps at a high position, place your feet on the floor. … TRX Power Pull. “This places an increased demand on your fine motor units, which will help develop a fuller, more powerful upper body. “The TRX chest flye helps maximize the recruitment of muscle fibers in the chest and anterior deltoids because of its non-fixated pattern,” explains Otey. Position: Stand facing anchor. Due to the orientation of the TRX… Start: Hand beside chest, free hand reaches up TRX main strap toward anchor point. It also works on your triceps. Adjustment: Mid-length, single handle mode. The TRX Pec Fly. The TRX Chest Fly is an intermediate level of the workout and primarily focuses on your chest and shoulders. Once you have secured your TRX go ahead and decide the length of the straps that is appropriate for you.
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