Wish List. For instance, the Di Blasi range of folding tricycles can be trialled in store, but if you require one, we order them at the time and have them air freighted to our shop or to your home. offers an extensive range of mechanical and electric options for people living with disability or mobility issues. Stability: New store on Newmarket Road, Wilston opening soon! What’s more, they provide kids with the chance to socialize and explore with peers and family members! We have travelled some distances to support regional need and where possible will offer this in association with the local OT and Physio teams. These adult tricycles cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Just give us a call. Brendale still open! $684.00. They are good for people with postural issues as the rider can be supported while seated on the bike. We do charge a fee for our professional services. Yes we are registered to provide assistive technology according to the certification issued by NDIS commissionOur NDIS provider number is contained on this website and is included in all our quotes and invoices. The Classic Nexus 3 tricycle is a very versatile machine. A person with a prosthetic leg is still able to ride an electric trike as all it takes is for their able leg to be strapped to the pedal and once they get that leg rotating the pedal then the prosthetic leg can just go along for the ride. This unit comes with many features similar to a regular two-wheeled bike, but also has unique … Worksman is America's largest and most respected Adult Tricycle manufacturer and many of our standard models are ideal for riders with special needs. Highly customisable to suit the individual, Gomier tricycles - are available in 200W 36V Li-ion 20” 24” and 26” wheels. The bikes, tricycles and carts can be customised to suit individual requirements and are available in a range of sizes and colours. We offer electric bicycles with additional stabilisers, electric tricycles and mechanical trikes with customisable fittings and accessories. Why invest in bikes and trikes for special needs children? Their feet can be strapped into the pedals if required and hand gloves are available to assist people to hold onto the handlebars. For those with additional requirements, we offer many different versions and options. As a small family-owned company, we have to balance our internal resources, the need to have the shop open 6-7 days per week and the time to get to other sites. The tricycle for adults with disabilities made healthy and robust, consequently ordinarily durable and safe. Next up is the foot and hand cycle. People living with a disability have a very wide range of requirements, some may be reasonably minor while others may require significant accessories to meet their needs. This allows the rider to hold a button and the motor will start at 6 kph (fast walking pace) without having to pedal. Adaptive bikes are also called special needs bikes so they have all of the same types of accessories and steering options. Add to Cart. Electric trikes do not need to be registered but they cannot be ridden into shopping centres. Kids and adults of all abilities can experience riding a bike with special needs bicycles and tricycles. In fact, the original reason we began exploring the world of recumbent trikes was due to Eric’s disability. An electric tricycle can go anywhere a bicycle can go and is limited to 25kph with power assistance. They’re best for users who may not be able to balance on two wheels, and some feature bars so they can be pushed. In Queensland a mobility scooter must be registered and can only travel on the road if the footpath or nature strip is unsafe to use. 4500 Anything is possible! Besides that, these products act as therapeutic tools, providing physical movement, strength training and cardio for kids and adults who have limited mobility. In the quest for ensuring that your special needs family member is as mobile and free to explore as possible, nothing compares to bikes and trikes! Blind Freddy eBikes offers an extensive range of mechanical and electric options for people living with disability or mobility issues. We can assist by proving a quotation for your review and you will need to discuss with your OT or physio as they will have to prepare an Assistive Technology report to justify how the bike will help you achieve your goals. We also have no-pedal balance bikes to provide therapy and mobility to those who may not be able to balance a typical bike for a prolonged period. The benefits are endless, but consider that a child who has never had the chance to ride a bike before might get a great sense of enjoyment and independence from their very first ride on a special needs bike. Once the bike is moving then the rider can rotate the pedals and the pedal assistance takes over. We are happy to work with allied health teams or individuals and will provide insight into the bike/trike aspects for a specific needWe are not health professionals ourselves, In theory, yes, but we do prefer to take bookings to make sure we have the space, the range and the resources to help you get the most out of the trialOur preferred way is for you to discuss the trial with your support team, to identify a couple of options for the time and date of the trial and then to make contact with us. These three-wheeled special needs tricycles come in all sizes and varieties; from toddlers, teens, to adults. Special needs bikes, also known as special needs tricycles, adaptive bikes or adaptive tricycles, allow children or adults with limited mobility to experience the joy and freedom of bike riding while providing a safe way to exercise and increase muscle strength and tone.. Rehabmart offers a wide variety of special needs bikes from such expert manufacturers as Rifton, Triton, Triaid and Trailmate.
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