and the real TF Black Orchid is not in a cheap bottle and the cap does not stick. This is a tremendous men’s fragrance. It is one of my favorites and this makes me so sad as it gives him a headache. I smell so many different notes dancing around me as I spray this and go through to the dry down. It'll be the hardest review I'll have written yet because this fragrance is so complex and unique, it's unlike anything I've ever tried before. The incense and white musk are not as noticeable as these initial accords, they seem to assist in boosting and enhancing the projection of other notes. As the fragrance unfolded I was memorized at its rich complexity. But I'm pretty sure this was inspired by angel. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I still remember the day I first smelled this beauty. When I wear this, I don't walk into a room, I float in supernaturally like Dracula. Smells like good quality. In der Top-Note vermischen sich leichte, blumige Noten mit sinnlichen Akkorden von schwarzem Trüffel, Ylang-Ylang, frischer Bergamotte und Exakten von schwarzer Johannisbeere. I have been waiting for years to have this perfume. I am not a lover of jasmine.I have been wearing it now for about an hour and I’m sad to say I’m not sure about it, I was expecting more of a gourmand fragrance ( I love Angel for example) but I can smell noticeable jasmine and smokiness. Can never get enough of this juice!!! As a newbie, all that I can tell that it's earthy at the opening before a few spices and lots of florals begin to appear after a few minutes with tasty chocolate and warm amber in the dry down. This is a really deep scent. Nothing smells overtly masculine about this fragrance, but it would be very sexy on a man. It just goes to show scents are very subjective to each person. Almost unusable for me. Juicy blackcurrant is present throughout. So unique, complex and unmistakeable, dark and sensual. I'm still early on in my fragrance obsession but this ties Guerlain's Vetiver as my number 1 favorite of all far. For the first few moments after spray it's pleasant. My friend came over the other day, it was warm, she wanted to try this, we were standing in the open garage, she spritz 3 sprays on her chest, it filled the entire house all the way upstairs, mind you all the windows were open too. It is so seductive it hits your nose hard immediately then softens a little bit with the chocolate in the dry down, lasting for about 12 hours+. It is to me at least. I will be the first to admit I LOVE TO SPRAY my bottles. I agree that this resembles the scent of certain stores like H&M like the wafting scent that is almost oily but also clean and almost incense like. Believe the hype. Verführerische, blumige Duftnoten und opulente Akkorde verbinden sich zu einer einzigartigen Mischung aus Eleganz und femininen Charme. My original bottle of this, bought in 2007 I believe and for my wife although more or less stolen by me, was manufactured in the USA. Projection and longevity are above-average. I had over 50 parfumes in my collection, but this one is apsolutely No 1. Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum 1 Produktmeinung: (1) 112 Angebote: 36,45 € – 156,38 € 1 Produktmeinung: (1) Testbericht: Note 2,0. I like to warm it up a notch by adding Kayali Vanilla 28 & it becomes perfect & addicting together. Black Orchid is a masterpiece. Tom Ford Black Orchid is one of the most complex and interesting fragrances that I have had the good fortune to own and used for a limited time. It's wonderful stuff, but I'll enjoy smelling it on other people from now on. Except for the patchouli, Tom Ford Black Orchid opens with a combination and strong projection of multiple notes that seem to group among themselves rather than being identified as isolated tones. One night a woman walked up to me in a loud karaoke bar and said something to me, she had to lean close so I could hear her. Then more notes fill in, wow, it's rich. The first spray was very arresting, it is sexy. The scent fills the backstage corridors without any problem. However, Noir is the epitome of “warm spicy” to my nose whereas Black Orchid feels “cold spicy.” The truffle note is strong here and I don’t smell any chocolate at all, only umami.
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