And Loar was the first guy to do this to a mandolin. Replacement tailpiece cover by Darryl Wolfe. Wonderful clean early example with light finish. Roy Veiock was the original owner, a professional player who was an agent for Gibson instruments and an instructor. Extraordinary looking quarter-sawn maple on back and sides. Some typical joint/seam repairs circa 1982. Virzi, red case, green hue to binding. It has 0807650034 for serial #. Was kept in alternate tuning and used b... March 8, 1923 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin. Some of the most sought after mandolins ever made. This website uses cookies to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions. Login . On February 26, 1923, 72058 was crated up and shipped to Union Avenue in St. Louis, MO. The mandolin was in a flood in 1985 that destroyed the case. #73727 on back of pickguard. October 19, 1923 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin, February 26, 1923 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin. Serial Numbers; Restoration; BLUEPRINTS Cat. Shipped 6/15/23, refinished circa '50's, again by Gilchrist. Dropdown trigger. During the period of 1909 through 1920 Gibson produced large numbers of mandolins. Shipped 8/4/23, returned for repair and shipped 4/10/35. These appear to be the easiest to find and quite reasonable to buy. Very clean. The "Griffith" mandolin, refinished, '30's hardware. Serial number indicates it was part of the Nov 28, 1922 batch, but was signed in 1924, appears to ... 71058. 1923 and 1924 Model Gibson instruments signed by Lloyd Loar. The serial number is interesting on this one, clearly original yet it seems in some ways it should be 76541 instead of 72541... 72615. A very nice example. No signature label, gold hardware, circa '26 finish. EC, signed and dated by Lloyd ... DB: It's interesting to compare the sunburst to This Nu... 1922 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin. Earlier mandolins had shorter necks. My Account. Nice sounding early Loar with lots... February 8, 1923 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin. February 18, 1924 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin. Shipped 10/19/23. the "David McLaughlin F-5". June 13, 1923 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin. Very clean. The early models had shallow neck sets that increased in angle around 1908. This is a pre-owned, earlier … Recently set-up at Mandolin Central after many years dormant. From the owner: November 28, 1922 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 … "F.W.J" engraved on tailpiece cover in same script/engraving style as "The Gibson" (initials of the original owner). We have an extensive collection of mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos, and octave mandos, hand-crafted in Bend, Oregon, that can't wait to be played! The earliest documented Fern bears the serial number 73755, dated July 9, 1923, the same signing date as Bill Monroe's famous Loar . F5 mandolin presumed to have existed at some point. Original owner Peter Schumann, June 10, 1923 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin, 1923 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin, Shipped 5/4/23. Earliest known Fern. Triple Bound on the sides, no day indicated on label. Original finish with very light french polishing overall. My Wishlist My Cart 0. DB- Birdseye figure on the back, December 20, 1922 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F5 Mandolin. In a 1970, Bluegrass Unlimited‘s listing of serial numbers (possibly the first ever published), this is the earliest serial number provided. Kentucky Mandolin KM-1000 Serial Number: 30309 Superb Sound(w/Luthier Repairs) Please scroll down to see all the pictures; pictures can be supersized by clicking on them. Earliest known Fern. Light tobacco finish, unique grain figure on back. Assumed to be 5/29/1923 Loar.. information pending. Originally owned by Wallace Zeibarth, of Minneapolis, MN. 72207, signed Feb 26,1923 Beautiful “Tobacco” Cremona finish. Flowerpot, quartered back, single-piece neck. The name refers to the distinctive fern inlay design of the peghead. New Instruments Added Daily View Latest Arrivals close. Headstock scroll replaced. Light tobacco finish, green hue to binding. That has been the image of F-5 #70281 that the mandolin world has had to live with since 1977, when Darryl Wolfe documented it in his F-5 Journal. D... Fern, previously refinished, new neck & overlay, formerly owned by Pee Wee Lambert. 3-piece neck, reversed labels, double bound, both labels in Loar's handwriting, unique pickguard and bracket. Shipped 4/11/23, serial number in ink, light tobacco finish, reversed labels. Thanks to Tony Williamson for photos and information. The current bridge height and neck angle was reached around 1910. I recently got a used one and it's a great Mandolin. Serial number in ink, light tobacco finish. One of the most perfect Loar's in existence. Get The Loar Newsletter! The "Apollon" Loar, refinished, circa '30's, serial number in ink, aluminum bridge saddle, lacquer looking finish. 1995-2001; Artists; About; Contact; loar #72206 . A smaller batch compared to most, but a unique batch, to say the least. Light tobacco finish, formerly owned by Joe Val. NOTE: This mandolin was previously for sale in 2009 for a very brief period then taken off the market. Loar also signed a rare subset of F5 mandolins called Ferns, of which approximately twenty are known to exist. The "Wm. Earlier teens stlye tuner plates. Lacquer and sprayed sunburst finish; Non original fingerboard and binding; Non original headstock veneer and inlays ; Original hardware … Gold hardware (Loar period, except for the F-4 gold tailpiece cover and metal (gold, like mid to late 20s F-5s) finger-rest bracket.
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