Post-structuralism’s main book, Anti-Oedipus by Deleuze and Guattari, is in fact an attempt to combine Marx and Freud (the subtitle is ‘Capitalism and Schizophrenia’) by liberation through free desire. * post-structuralism * deconstruction constructivism . Origins: Structuralism derives ultimately from linguistics. Post-structuralism is the literary and philosophical work that both builds upon and rejects ideas within structuralism, the intellectual project that preceded it. Structuralism is a theoretical approach that identifies patterns in social arrangements, mostly notably language. (mathematics) A philosophy that asserts the need to construct a mathematical object to prove it exists. English. Structuralism was a series of theses and techniques derived from lecture notes taken down by students of the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure. It dominated linguistics for the first half of the 20th century. In that sense, they are very similar. Structuralism was an intellectual movement in France in the 1950s and 1960s that studied the underlying structures in cultural products (such as texts) and used analytical concepts from linguistics, psychology, anthropology and other fields to interpret those structures. Noun (arts) A Russian movement in modern art characterized by the creation of nonrepresentational geometric objects using industrial materials. Structuralism vs. Post-structuralism. Post-structuralism emerges in this context, recognizing this lack of fixed or inherent meaning and yet also acknowledging the need for language to acquire meaning. Structuralism vs. Post-Structuralism Structural Functionalism Key Concepts Role Norm System e.g. Some main differences can be listed as follows: 1. It emphasized the logical and scientific nature of its results. Post-structuralism is really a cultural movement more than an intellectual movement. While poststructuralism builds on the insights of structuralism, it holds all meaning to be fluid rather than universal and predictable. Post-Structuralism Appelrouth and Edles 2012: 325 Key Concepts: Critique of Structuralism Fragmentation of meaning Decline of the Both structuralism and post-structuralism place language at the center of their respective world view, as they both derive from Saussure’s linguistic breakthrough. cultural, economic, political, religious, social etc. This is an excerpt from International Relations Theory – an E-IR Foundations beginner’s textbook.Download your free copy here.. Poststructuralism encourages a way of looking at the world that challenges what comes to be accepted as ‘truth’ and ‘knowledge’.
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