I rarely do that due to the paperwork involved with school nursing. The main job responsibilities of school nurses include: School nurses may work in a number of settings, including: After a child’s home, the school represents their “most influential environment,” according to the NASN. I get a salary though so no extra pay for extra hours! Further, because federal and state laws dictate that children with special needs must be included in the regular school setting, school nurses must be able to assess their health status and identify any health problems that may create a barrier to educational progress. RN to MSN programs are often preferred to traditional BSN and MSN programs, as they are designed to offer a more streamlined, accelerated approach to achieving both their BSN and MSN. We are expected there by 730. Graduates of these programs are prepared to respond to the healthcare needs of their state’s school districts. Rarely do I need to stay later unless there is a staff meeting, 504 etc. allnurses.com, INC, 7900 International Drive #300, Bloomington MN 55425 7:10-2:50. Our school staff works 7:30am to 3:15pm. Kids are in school 8:35-3:00. (students here 7:30-3:00). Candidates for nurse jobs must also have at least three years of experience as a nurse, with at least one of those years being within the 5 years immediately prior to their initial application. Or is it more like 30 hours? High school nurse here, hours are from 7:00 am to 2:15 pm (school day starts at 7:20 am and ends at 1:45 pm). I work in a 6-8 school, and I start when the kids start, which is at 8am. To earn the NCSN credential, applicants must take and pass an examination, which is offered as a computer examination that can be taken at testing centers located throughout the U.S. To qualify to sit for the NCSN examination, candidates must possess the following: The NCSN certification is valid for a period of 5 years. School nurses also enjoy more predictable work hours than their hospital counterparts, who may be called upon to work 12-hour shifts and odd hours like overnights, weekends or holidays. … Parents STILL Sending Sick Kids to School. Our contract is 7 hr and 45 min day (don't know why) and we get 30 min lunch. Any extra hours you put in for meetings, paperwork, etc there is no extra compensation. We may leave after 3. The School Nurse work is closely managed. You can get into this job … By using the site you agree to our Privacy, Cookies, and Terms of Service Policies. I work 8am-3:30pm. Arizona: School nurses must obtain a school nurse certificate issued by the Department of Education, which requires a current RN license in Arizona and a bachelor’s degree. 1-612-816-8773. Specializes in Home Health,Dialysis, MDS, School Nurse. Specializes in School Nurse, past Med Surge. The school nurse’s day-to-day role varies greatly from area to area, and depending on the type of school. My hours are when the kids are there (7:40-2:10), with occasional late meetings. On average, a school nurse makes between $38,447 and $60,740 per year, depending on location and a variety of other factors. A school nurse may administer over the counter drugs for minor ailments and provide specific interventions according to the client’s health needs. in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with Various Specializations. Maine: School nurses in Maine must possess a current RN license in Maine and a bachelor’s degree. Work the same hours as the teachers. As a result, school nurses serve as healthcare representatives on site whose services are seen as being essential to coordinated care. Has 4 years experience. I work 7 - 3, and until 4:30 one day for meetings. I work in a K-12 school and school is in session 8:20-3:20 and I work 8-4, with a 1/2 hour lunch, so 7.5 hours a day. Topping the list is New York, with New Hampshire and Wyoming close behind in second and third. An MSN in School Nursing (or MSN with a School Nurse Services Credential) is designed to build upon the foundational courses in community health nursing and provide theoretical and practical experience in nursing and education. Has 18 years experience. Whether they serve students on one campus or several, the workday of a school nurse coincides with regular school hours, typically 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with days off for summer and school holidays. Sometimes I need to stay late for meetings.The students are there from 7:30-2:30. Texas passed a law where they are more concerned about how many minutes kids are in school vs. how many days of school the kids put in. It is up to school nurses to provide expertise and oversight of school health services and to promote health education. 339 Part Time School Nurse jobs available on Indeed.com. They must also develop and oversee an individualized healthcare plan so as to ensure the effective management of any problems in the school setting. I work in a K-12 school and school is in session 8:20-3:20 and I work 8-4, with a 1/2 hour lunch, so 7.5 hours a day. Average salary (a year) £24,907 Starter.
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