Rice and Grains. Swimming Swans Jasmine Rice AED 32.00 AED 25.00-17% 5 kg. Rice and Grains. Learn More. Royal Chef’s Secret Sella basmati rice makes a delicious meal in just a few minutes. Royal Chef Basmati Classic Ind-Rice AED 40.00 AED 32.00. Back Home GROCERY RICE ITEMS Royal Chef Ponni Raw Rice. Especially if you know a little secret: Royal ® Chef’s Secret. Jasmine Thai Hom Mali Rice . Ready to serve in less time than standard basmati rice, it can even be kept warm longer on steam tables or microwaved without compromising quality. This evolved variety is an extra long grain that expands to 2½ times its raw length when cooked. Next product. Click to enlarge. From the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, this Royal Chef's Secret Sela parboiled basmati rice is a staple ingredient of many popular recipes! Learn More. Learn More. Learn More. Learn More. With its brilliant white luster, fragrant aroma and distinctive buttery flavor, Royal Chef’s Secret Basmati Rice is a culinary showstopper. Previous product. Rice and Grains. Sella rice yields 2x more rice once cooked, which makes it a preferred choice by restaurants. This premium parboiled rice gives you the quality taste and texture you want, in less time. This is the world’s longest basmati rice grain, expanding up to 2½ times its raw length (up to 23 mm) when cooked. Royal Sella Basmati Rice . Royal Chef’s Secret Basmati Rice . ROYAL Chef's Secret Extra Long Basmati Rice 10 Lb Bag - NET WT 10 lbs (4.54 Kg): The world's longest Basmati Rice, Royal Chef's Secret Basmati is the culinary professional's choice. Rice and Grains. Brown Jasmine Thai Hom Mali Rice . In addition to being the world’s longest basmati rice, this grain has all the hearty flavor and … Royal Chef Ponni Raw Rice… Rice and Grains. Superfino Arborio Rice .
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