Parents & Science. Support Our Science. Make a Gift. Ways to Support Rockefeller. Mr. Bessent, who holds a B.A. The Board now numbers 40. Parents & Science. Support Our Science. He is chairman of the US-ASEAN Business Council and is on the Southeast Asia advisory board of the Center for Strategic & International Studies. Ways to Support Rockefeller. Memorandum to the Board of Trustees, 1956 Courtesy of The Rockefeller Archive Center Designed by Harrison & Abramovitz and built in 1958, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Hall comprises the Abby Dining Room, Abby Lounge, Cohn Library, and the Faculty and Student's Club. Women & Science. The university’s Board of Trustees elected three new members at their February 17 meeting: William A. Ackman, chief executive officer and portfolio manager of Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P.; Scott K.H. Before establishing the New York–based investment partnership Key Square Group last year, Mr. Bessent was chief investment officer for Soros Fund Management, the investment vehicle for the Soros Family and their foundations, from 2011 to 2015. We’ve spent 116 years perfecting the bioscience institute. Make a Gift. “We are pleased that David Koch and Walter Massey join the board bringing scientific and administrative expertise to … Experiments in zebrafish are shining light onto a poorly understood process in which cells communicate mechanically, by pushing and pulling on each other. The Rockefeller Foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees, which is composed of no fewer than 12 members, with the Foundation’s president serving as an ex-officio member. We’ve spent 116 years perfecting the bioscience institute. Board of Trustees & Corporate Officers. We’ve spent 116 years perfecting the bioscience institute ... Why Rockefeller is Unique. Ways to Support Rockefeller. Make a Gift. Currie ’74, P’03, described Falls as “a devoted trustee with broad institutional knowledge, financial savvy, and exceptional ability to engage and motivate others.” Falls was Andover’s first chief investment officer (2005–2011) prior to her current role as CIO of The Rockefeller University. She oversees the Rockefeller University Investments Office, which manages approximately $1.9 billion in endowment assets. Gotham Partners was an investment firm that managed public and private equity hedge fund portfolios. Annual Report 2017. Board of Trustees & Corporate Officers. Price, an investment advisor specializing in the telecom and technology industries. Rockefeller University Council. All rights reserved. The latest science discoveries delivered monthly to your inbox. The largest map of gene expression in over 4 million human cells charts the dynamic path to forming different organs. Shape the future of biology and medicine. from Yale, is profiled in a 2006 book about global macro investing, Inside the House of Money: Top Hedge Fund Traders on Profiting in the Global Markets, by Steven Drobny. Philanthropist David H. Koch and Morehouse College President Walter E. Massey have been elected to the board of trustees of The Rockefeller University, a graduate institution specializing in biomedical research. Amy C. Falls, chief investment officer and vice president for investments at the To interview Rockefeller University scientists or to request photos, contact media relations manager Katherine Fenz at 212-327-7913 or by email. The charitable foundation has committed more than $375 million in grants and social investments. Support Our Science. Rockefeller University Council. Overview. Dr. Adelson is the chairman and cofounder of the…... by Katherine Fenz, media relations manager Elizabeth “Beth” Curry, a member of Rockefeller’s Board of Trustees, died in November at the age of 74. Information Technology (IT) is responsible for the security, administration and maintenance of the campus computer and telecommunications networks. From 2006 to 2010, he taught economic history as an adjunct professor at Yale University. March 3, 2016. by Alexandra MacWade, assistant editor. Experience Science, the Arts, and Culture. For more than 40 years, Mr. Greenberg has held underwriting and senior management positions in the insurance industry. Board of Trustees Richard P. Lifton, M.D., Ph.D. President Robin Chemers Neustein Vice Chair Robert K. Steel Vice Chair Amy C. Falls, chief investment officer and vice president for investments at the Rockefeller University, serves on the Ford Foundation Board of Trustees. Bessent, chief executive officer and chief investment officer of Key Square Group; and Evan G. Greenberg, chairman and chief … Experience Science, the Arts, and Culture. ... 2014 ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY CONVOCATION. Before its acquisition of Chubb this past January, Mr. Greenberg was chairman and chief executive officer of ACE. With their elections, the university now has 45 voting trustees. Describing the university as a “venerable and storied institution,” Mr. Greenberg says that “so many of the solutions to the problems of mankind begin with basic science, and The Rockefeller University is at the epicenter of cutting-edge research.”. Bulgari’s longstanding philanthropic commitment to the advancement of women parallels Rockefeller’s In 2003, Mr. Ackman founded Pershing Square, a hedge fund management company that makes investments in the public markets. Mr. Greenberg sits on the boards of the Coca-Cola Company, the Council of the Americas, and the National Committee on United States–China Relations. Women & Science. Our mission is to provide the best possible information technology resources and services in support of scientific research. Women & Science. Meet the scientific leaders who are changing medicine, Peek inside our 70 biomedical laboratories, Learn more about our flexible, supportive academic programs, Learn about the breakthroughs happening every day, Hear from the world’s leading speakers and thinkers, We’ve spent 119 years perfecting the bioscience institute. He spent 25 of those years with American International Group, where he was president and chief operating officer from 1997 to 2000.
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