You're welcome :) We purchased our dining room table off of Craig's List almost 5 years ago. But, well worth the time to properly fill every. Therefore, it is a time-intensive task that does require a number of tools and materials. We sanded by hand because we don’t own a sander. Removing the old finish allows the new finish or paint to adhere to the wood properly. The treads and handrail got a progression of sandings to take the lacquer down to something reasonable and then smooth it out. The previous owner installed said runner with approximately 1.5 million staples. Secondly, when you refinish your stairs, you can update the stain of the treads, as well as the banister. Before sanding my stairs, they used to look like the typical 90s’ stairs. A wood color that gets boring after a while. Or just sanding? Plus, when dogs try to grip their paws on the treads, they can scratch the hardwood. They are suitable for those with allergies and asthma. Hardwood flooring adds value to a home. It’s taking up all those staples that are a time-consuming pain. We are here to take your calls Monday – Friday   7:30am – 6:00pm Saturday                9:00am – 5:00pm, Copyright 2019 Monk's Home Improvements of New Jersey, Refinishing Hardwood Stairs – Before & After Stair Remodel Ideas, Scratches go past the coat of poly and penetrate into the wood, You want to change the color (stain) of your stairs. Other costs to factor in, which may not be included in a contractor’s estimate, or may not be offered at all, include: If this type of project isn’t one you want to DIY, call the office at 973-635-7900 or schedule a free estimate online. Sanding our spindles was quite a trip since they’re, well, circular. Needless to say, she was overruled. Removing the carpet is the easy part. Our staircase was sporting some pretty terrific carpeting and that special ’90s golden oak shine. That and your neighbors over at CarTalk have gotten me through many boring tasks. There are many options, but we recommend a style that will complement the rest of your home’s style and decor. The first step in refinishing or painting a wood stair railing is to strip off the old finish or paint. The same goes for having hardwood stairs. That'd be rude! ), this was vastly easier said than done. My staircase is nearly thirty years old and the treads are chipped and worn. This option offers safety and a noise buffer, while still allowing the hardwood to peep through. We're not fans of spam, canned or not. OK, I keep on thinking about this post (my job is extremely boring at the moment) and what I can’t get over is the hand sanding part. First off thank you for putting this together! For this reason, it is much more expensive to refinish stairs than a floor, when you base it on cost per square foot. Keep sanding … Our customers understand that sanding floors can get messy, and we are often asked if we can refinish stairs without sanding first. It’s soooo much work! Need I Say More? Have you ever tried stripping and sanding an old piece of furniture so you could restain it? Here are some before and after stair refinishing projects we’ve completed. Otherwise you’ll be painting gunk into your final product. They looked old and I didn’t like them. Go Ira! The staircase in the Cambridge home that we refinished ourselves. Everything that was going to be painted got a pretty aggressive grit (maybe 80?) How long did it take you to sand it? Depending on the color, this may take multiple coats. On the other hand, I don’t think you sanded it down to bare wood, did you?!? However, everything is done by hand. For more ideas, see our Flooring Photo Gallery. Can you stain over stained wood? Should I sand it back and add new timber bull-nose? When your staircase has faded or shows signs of use, they should be refinished. First and last time I used the lathe but it was worth it for 2 staircases and a long railing separating 2 rooms…. You could use something more heavy duty, but we figured since we’re not touching the painted areas of the staircase (the treads and handrail are not painted), we’d be fine. Once you get inside my house, the first thing you see is the staircase. Frugalwoods is for informational and entertainment purposes only. While hardwoods are timeless, different stain preferences do tend to reflect current trends. While any existing finish must be removed, the shape of the stairs must not be changed, so be sure to sand gently and evenly. Filler would not work on edges. I found it easiest to wrap the sandpaper and around and sort of rub side to side. However, rescreening your stairs is not an option if: If you are not sure, we can take a look and let you know what we recommend based on the condition of your stairs. Frugalwoods sometimes publishes affiliate endorsements and advertisements, which means that if you click on a link and buy something, Frugalwoods might receive a percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you. Slightly out of our budget but amazingly cool! So happy with my results. Remove any trim work where the risers and treads meet. Learn more about Monk’s flooring services and our process. Under that they are painted white. Are you still able to see the filled holes after you poly’d? Loos nice! I had to quickly flick my brush around in order to get it even. Furniture removal (not necessary for stairs!). I ended up using a tiny watercolor brush to even out the globs. The two of us sanded for 3ish hours by hand. We only write about, and promote, products that we believe in. I’m having some peeling and will need to repaint. No, plywood has a thin veneer finish and no bull nose. Stripping is done either by sanding, using a wood finish remover or a combination of both. Dewey, Cheatem and Howe have their offices less than a mile away from our house . There are some points to consider before removing the carpet from your stairs and going with hardwood. We promise not to tell you about stuff that's dumb. So glad it’s helpful! I just want to get the fun part….painting, making beautiful, etc! This is optional, but, we were glad we took the time to tape because of the odd angles involved on a staircase. I am about to install a new stair/railing system. When you refinish your stairs, you can “update” the look of them with a current stain. The process of refinishing hardwood stairs generally follows the same process for finishing hardwood flooring. Hardwoods are durable and long-lasting.
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