- The poultry birds are kept in dry comfortable & well ventilated cages. Poultry farming is advantageous over other enterprises. It has gotten 713 views and also has 4.9 rating. for their meat & eggs. 1 0 obj - Ducks are abundant in southern & eastern parts of India. Slide 1 The commercial poultry industry, which is responsible for the production of most of the chicken and turkey meat, as well as most of the eggs, consumed in the US, has evolved over the past century to the scale that it is today. This document is highly rated by NEET students and has been viewed 679 times. - HH260 lays more than 260 eggs in a year & its mortality rate is low. * Farm should be situated in areas devoid of backyard or non-commercial flocks. They are prolific (highly reproductive and have short life span). Complete NEET. * Where possible, commercial units should be operated on an all-in all-out basis. * Farms should be located sufficiently close to public roads to facilitate access. �GB���11 ����C�!�j-�Q�ë������� ��?S_���2X��A���xru��� perfect preparation. EduRev is a knowledge-sharing community that depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something. (iii) Fungal Diseases - Aflatoxicosis, Brooder pneumonia and aspergillosis. Aseel, Ghagus, Karnataka, Brahma, Bursa, Black Bengal, Chittagong, Tellicherry etc.Aseel is best game bird, it is used in cock fighting. This is to help them maximize production for the season while stocking for the new year. ��T$�µ[�w߽��9�}�Z�5Dx� rU* �HӪ��=%���m�h2Y*\�r�X��a�2r��F''�o��o~%���-��� SN�ϊ����A���������Z�O�j���4+��m�%4��z��Z����T�����~K����%ôK{��1�"w{#a���c�ؽ 6���Ac)�8B|�����-&�\:>!���(2� Poultry Farm Management: Introduction, Scheme and Issues. i. - While the nutritional advisory committee of ICMR (Indian council for medical research) has recommended an egg/day i.e. endobj Indian breeds are slow growing, less efficient converters and produce fewer eggs (60/years). of Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev for NEET, the answers and examples explain the meaning of chapter in the best manner. To Study Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev for NEET out NEET lecture & lessons summary in the same course for NEET Syllabus. ��IV���� >��Vk椫׼�r0� I��m��)�y��X���U�#���� W���n��E�c�����a��e�ߜI�WY^ �ٳ§�d��f�7���˅��=��� `;�+[4v����ė%�)Џ>�F?��_�Y7���5%#��wDx��?�R+�� - White leghorn,  Rhode island red, Plymoth rock, New Hampshire, Sussex, Australorp, Minorca etc. 1. 4. This is %PDF-1.5 <>>> - India stands at 6th place in poultry farming in the world. The document Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev is a part of the. 560 . Achieving good bird, barn and gut health requires operational excellence and attention to detail. 300 eggs/ annum/person & 180 gm meat/day/person. EduRev is like a wikipedia <> * Farm should be located in areas with a low density of commercial poultry. It has been observed that agriculture hardly provides employment ranging from 120 to 150 days in a year. By continuing, I agree that I am at least 13 years old and have read and agree to the. – Ranikhet (New castle) disease is the most common disease of hens and fowls in which the affected individuals suffer from fever and diarrhoea. just for education and the Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev images and diagram are even better than Byjus! 2 0 obj Following the high demand for poultry products this season, Afrimash has seen the need to bring resources to farmers. - It yields quick return needs little space & easy to manage, - Chickens are bred in large colonies in special places, called poultry farms. - The floor is covered with husk & straws, - The farm is rat proof with proper drainage system, * The feed of poultry birds consists of cereals, milletes oil cakes, fish & meat meal, minerals & green vegetables, fish silage, protein concentrate, - Starts laying eggs at the age of 6 months, - Then number of eggs produced during winter are more compare than summer.(temp. endobj Sep 09, 2020 - Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev is made by best teachers of NEET. You can also find Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev ppt and other NEET slides as well. 15 management tips for better poultry performance potential. In poultry sector there exists a large scope to enhance food production through both layer and broiler farming. (�ڣ�Lt2��OS���AER���xU effect). <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> <> T��"��;��֡��A��*�د������M���`@���G]jI�k�L(뼐�a�W��l�����6���"�;��N�Z�mωD����0��kuF�1�z����7�a�x�-��x`3����͗�P$ܻ�&��B���q:S@��:X��@�� ���.��(+�T�SQ :x�׊�R�'�q�9�I4*��dS�'}�EI�T�Iw,gTo��v~�$��[*z �um���J�?�x�t�@�T\�À0XuM@�`��+E���S@k��أMw�)���5;]���4ϺBD����N����a�E8Dd�ppR�+qłЁ��j����#�sYX�1�������< �G�B��;{>ѻ9�O����~~4SM�9? Their products are rich source of money Indian breeds lay 60 eggs/year in comparision to exotic breeds lay 270 eggs/yr. 3 0 obj [POULTRY FARM MANUAL] General Management 30 SECTION - 3 GENERAL MANAGEMENT Poultry production is highly dynamic in terms of structural and management changes. - In India per capita consumption annually is only 19 eggs and 20 gm of meat. ��i����~ʹa�`�ݹ�W�c��oxk�o�w�_�gLܘ�p�E�)��{!����F�o�Q��9�����2����5B��W��W�w��E��S+�G [�^1�j��+x� �.�N�dpCyF�&Ǎ=���x�;'����B����@�8:� Internal Parasites :- Round worms, tapeworms & threadworms. Majority of the hens start laying eggs from the month of February and continue this practice till August. your solution of Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev search giving you solved answers for the same. Fowlpox, infectious bronchitis, lymphoid leukosis and ranikhet diseases are common viral diseases of poultry. External parasites : Fowlmite, chicken, mite, fleas, ticks etc.If any of the infectious disease has affected a mass proportion of the chicken & hens, then the best and safer decision, to avoid the fatal consequence, is to destroy the affected individuals. However sustainability often requires dependence on other sectors 4 0 obj 6 Housing management -farm site selection space requirement for calves, heifer, milch animal and work bullocks-Type design of house. Poultry birds are easy to raise & can acclimatise to a wide range of climate condition. With the progression of this disease the birds show mucus secretion from their beaks, paralysis of wings and the birds repeatedly moving round. (ii) Bacterial Diseases - Fowl cholera, Pullorum, Coryza, Mycoplasmosis and Spirochaetosis. 3. - Poultry and poultry products are a rich source of animal protein & right kind of fats for good health. Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev notes for NEET is made by best teachers who have written some of the best books of If you want Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev A poultry keeper must be awarded about the common diseases so as to ensure the well being of hens and also of man. endobj this is your one stop solution. - Common Indian breeds are Indian runner, Syhlet meta, Nageshwari - The exotic breeds include campbell, Pekin, Muscori & Ayleshbury, Geese (Anser) - Two common varieties are brown & white. x��YKo�F��أ�.�,� ��)�"@T�P����&a�Hʆ��;3�K�I���R�vv��y|3fᄈ���}�����>�O��٧��ͻ�w�y��̅���')�݈G ��no\����r{���ʜ`���9�J8�ͯ�7_@J�2|��B�e��b�oٗo����=�:E܀�>����V�WؼB��� Some of the commonly occurring disease of poultry are as follows. 17. NEET Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev Summary and Exercise are very important for - It includes ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowls, pea fowls, pigeons, gualis, partsidges etc. - In our country poultry mainly means domestication of chickens for meat & eggs. Poultry Farm Management NEET Notes | EduRev chapter (including extra questions, long questions, short questions, mcq) can be found on EduRev, you can check Section 1 Introduction to the Poultry Industry Notes. Steps to maintain flock health include: thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting housing and equipment before the birds arrive. Turkey (Maleagris) -It is a recently domasticated bird. %���� 29 8 Care and management … - Poultry is the word used for the birds which can be bred for economic purposes. - Poultry birds exclusively grown for meat is called broilers (plymoth rocks). Quality nutrition, veterinary guidance, and more attention to barn and bird management will help to ensure a better bottom line. V��_��9k���*��"�D�\�E��h��+ In this section we will cover factors that led to the development of the current commercial poultry industry.
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