As a good Mexican household, a family reunion isn’t just about eating together and hanging out a little bit: it’s a real fiesta that involves great food, refreshing drinks, and, of course, amazing music to dance and sing our heart out.Â. And of course, you’ve had a couple of beers by now and emotions start to get you. Now it’s time for your uncle who could’ve had an amazing career as a singer, but left it all to help grandpa with the business, or so he says. For a limited time, you can take $100 off any package. The carne asada is on the grill, and there’s no better seasoning than a good banda song to get everyone in the party mood. Related5 LGBT Latino Music Artists Who Will Inspire You No Matter Your Orientation. Why Do Mexicans Love To Eat Spicy Food And Peppers? Turn into the soul of the party With These Mariachi Songs. Poirier Photography In fact, I think you could find it at basically any Mexican family reunion. This party’s vibe has definitely changed and you know it when your show-off uncle takes back the mic to what he thinks is his jam. Mariachi is one of the oldest forms of popular music, dating back to the 19th century. Top Mexican Music 2020 - Regional Mexican Songs 2020 By redmusiccompany. Additional Photo Credits within Blog Posts, Copyright All Rights Reserved Vision DJs, LLC 2019, A Guide to Wedding Planning Through COVID-19. Since we’ve apparently traveled back to the nineties, it’s time to bring back the choreography you did with your primas. It originated in Western Mexico, though its roots may date back to the 1500s. Read more:The 2019 Gold Cup Games Are Warm-Ups Before The Mexico-USMNT Final MatchWhy Do Mexicans Love To Eat Spicy Food And Peppers?5 Incredible And Powerful Women Who Changed Mexico Forever, {% $moment(article.publishedAt).format('LL') %}, The Sinful Story Behind “Bésame Mucho,” The Most Famous Mexican Song, 14 Artists You’d Never Guess Did A Reggaeton Song, These Are Time Magazine's Most Influential Latinos Of 2019, 5 LGBT Latino Music Artists Who Will Inspire You No Matter Your Orientation, The 2019 Gold Cup Games Are Warm-Ups Before The Mexico-USMNT Final Match. You know you’ve got to do something about it before it’s too late. Focused on Forever Yep, they did it, and guess what: we’re starting with probably the hardest and most dramatic song of all time. Top 10 Regional Mexican Musicians 2009-2014: A Cinco de Mayo Celebration To commemorate the festive day, we’ve put together a list of songs … You’re right, a classic cumbia by the Goddess herself to make everybody dance. Ok, almost everybody is having a blast, but let’s give your Rock & Roll-loving uncles a chance to show their amazing moves. Take it easy, woman! Related The Sinful Story Behind “Bésame Mucho,” The Most Famous Mexican Song. Play on Spotify Everybody is talking and catching up when you hear this classic banger your tía always loves to play.Â, And since she’s taken control of the music, she won’t let go of the opportunity to listen to her all-time crush and his danceable hits.Â. Most of the time, it’s just for tradition’s sake and the pleasure of being together. Need more suggestions or help with your playlist for your event, contact us and one of our music specialist will be happy to help you. Ok, let’s be honest it will probably be the same, but you know you love it! When you visit Mexico, you know that we Mexicans love to party and when we’re partying, we love to sing. One more thing you should know is that Mariachi is sacred for us, so if you’re planning to visit Mexico and party with us, you need to know a few mariachi songs. El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico – No Hay Cama Pa’ Tanta Gente, Elvis Crespo – Suavemente – Merengue Version, Enrique Iglesias, Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona – Bailando, Gente De Zona, Marc Anthony – La Gozadera, Guayacán Orquesta – Oiga, Mire, Vea – Salsa, Jacob Forever – Hasta Que Se Seque el Malecón, Johnny Ventura – Merenguero Hasta la Tambora, Juan Magán, Pitbull, El Cata – Bailando por el Mundo, Los Del Rio – Macarena – Bayside Boys Remix, Los Embajadores Vallenatos – El Santo Cachon, Los Hermanos Rosario – La Dueña del Swing, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber – Despacito – Remix, Pitbull, Sensato, Osmani Garcia “La Voz” – El Taxi. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. In fact, I think you could find it at basically any Mexican family reunion. What song is it? With the popularity of Latin music at our events including non-hispanic events, we thought we would compile a list of the Top 75 Latin Party Songs that will pack your dance floor. Complete form below to let us know the details of your event, and a team member will reach out within 24 hours to help you. Michelle Lawson Photography With the addition of Justin Bieber on the remix version, it has crossed all music borders. Popular mexican songs for a party!? Travis Harris Photography It’s past midnight, and you know there’s no coming back from this blue mood.Â. Ok, this is your cue. It’s a Saturday afternoon, you’re having a beer in the backyard, hanging out with your primos, while your tíos and tías are by the grill making the carne asada. He’s good, though! These are tried and tested songs. And of course, they’ve already opened a dark door, and now everybody wants to take part in what seems to be a gathering for the heartbroken. My family’s playlist isn’t as unique as we’d like to think. There’s probably one particular song that reminds you exactly of that particular scene. And you can’t play nineties pop hits without this masterpiece. I, for instance, can’t remember a month going by in my life without my entire (and quite large) family getting together for whatever random reason. Let’s try this one out. Enjoy it because your aunts are getting bored and they’re threatening to bring out the karaoke machine. Munoz Photography Try this hit that will keep the fiesta going while inviting them to partay! Anyways, I've downloaded a few songs so far and i need some more suggestions. You know how they say there are some images you can literally hear. Here's the playlist to make it easier for you! Adept Wedding Photography To be more precise, these are songs you’ll probably hear at each phase of these gatherings, so grab your headphones and get ready to relive those amazing parties. But now it’s time to please the Gen Xers and millennials, and what better way to do so than the song that made us all dance back in the nineties.
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