Is this information inaccurate or incomplete? Pizza Shapes. The term pizza was originated from Latin word pinsa which means flatbread. Pizza is one of the favorite foods of all which has become a portrait in Italy. 5.80g. Fat. Last updated: 02 Aug 19 01:41 AM. 124 kcal. History. It is widely popular in the people of all ages. Energy. Food database and calorie counter : Arnott's Pizza Shapes. Nutrition Facts. You can add any toppings you want, of course, but my kids are super boring and only like cheese on their pizzas. 0.8g. 155mg. I made the pizza …5/5(1) Saturated Fat. 15.60g. The ingredients for these pizzas is pretty basic – pizza dough, pizza sauce and cheese. 519 kj. Edit this Food. Sodium. Carbohydrates. 2.00g. Click here to edit. Fibre. 1 serving (25 g) per serve. It is suitable for the celebration of any occasions. Protein. Serving Size. 1.400g. Various ingredients are used to make it more flavorful. Mozzarella cheese is mostly common in pizzas.
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