The most noticeable difference between these and the feral sheep of Pitt Island is that the Chatham ferals are mostly white-woolled, whereas those on Pitt are mostly colored. Just wondering if any of you are looking for some cute Pitt Island Sheep? The famous Saxon Merino Pitt Island wild sheep have roamed free on Pitt Island for over 150 years. Gosling Island, Pitt Lake - 6.1 Acre Island For Sale - Duration: 4:08. If a sheep had a newborn lamb it would not leave that lamb even if you rode on horseback right up to it. [2] Pitt Island has an area of 65 square kilometres (25 sq mi). The Pitt Island Wild Sheep were really good mothers. Pitt and Chatham Island feral sheep have distinct wool colours but whether this is a result of the differences in the genes studied cannot be ascertained here. Pitt Island sheep are almost all colored and have the self-shedding fleeces characteristic of feral breeds. Pitt Island is the second largest island in the Chatham Archipelago, New Zealand. Content and Photo Source: New Zealand Rare Breeds (). It is called Rangiauria in Māori and Rangiaotea in Moriori. Scott Leaf 17,840 views 4:08 Farm Field Day: Tunis Sheep and Wool - Duration: 2:37. I went to see a flock on the weekend and am getting a couple of Lambs. While now constrained to the isolated rocky cliffs - their preferred habitat - these wild sheep are not farmed in any way. The rams are impressively horned - up to a meter long measured around the curve. Treasured
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