Include everything from sharps, flats, rests, dynamics, and even tempo markings into this game. After that have them choose 4 notes from the scale and play them in any random order. Write down the name of the symbols on the board and make sure they match up with the cards your piano student has. The thing I love about this game is that you can teach many different concepts out of it. Hopefully after this activity, you’ll see a lot less Frankenstems in their music theory assignments! For students who are a little more advanced, you might want to check out this piano improv activity inspired by Taylor Swift. The app is loaded with tons of popular songs from many Classical composers like Beethoven and Bach. Each student is asked to come up and pick out 5 of those flashcards, and then it’s their job to create an amazing rhythm from that. For beginners, it’s a better idea to play the intervals broken in the first round and have them match those first. An effective studio policy is one of the most important piano teacher resources for the business side of your studio. Here are 18 piano lesson game ideas for beginners. Here are a few of my favorites, and you can visit the worksheets page to see the complete collection of over 50 fun piano teaching worksheets. All matching games follow a similar format. When playing for the students, it’s a good idea to break the piece into sections. Whoever doesn’t find themselves a seat is out, and the game continues until only one chair remains. Looking for ideas to help your students practice more and practice better? Start off with something rather short; maybe 16 measures long. Next, sit at the piano and choose a pattern to play from the board at random. She loves helping piano teachers enhance their teaching skills and optimize their studios so they can use time efficiently, maximize profit and live a life they love. Turn on the music (in this case, play the piano) and the students should begin walking around the chairs. My Favorite Piano Teaching Books; Piano Lesson Games. I set up a timer and give the student as many chances as they need to get the answer correct. The musical alphabet is one of the first things a beginner will learn about the piano. A great ear training game I play with my students focuses on melodic dictation. Click here to learn how to design a piano studio policy that makes your lessons & your life extraordinary. This exercise is great for getting a student’s eyes off the page and into the keys. Then students will learn an easy left hand progression that gives their song a driving pulse as they improvise with the right hand. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Choose a starting pitch that your students will recognize within the grand staff. View a specific category by clicking on any of the quick links below: This is a fun piano game for teachers working with beginner piano players who are learning the names of the piano keys. If the student places the Note Wizard on the wrong note, then they automatically must move downward an interval of a fifth. Click here to print this fun piano theory game. For this to be most effective, you should start off with a recognizable pitch in the grand staff. After 10 minutes or so everyone will clap each other’s rhythms and then vote at the end for their favorite rhythm. This is a great piano game that focuses on ear training. The next step is to set up the containers on the floor much like you would at a bowling alley. If student answered correctly, they get to eat the treat! This activity works great in a private lesson, and is also a lot of fun in a group piano lesson. Whether it’s group piano lessons or private lessons, it’s always helpful to have some piano lesson game ideas to play. You set chairs up in a large space with all of the backs lined up against one another in a circle. 1. I actually got this game idea from some of the piano lesson books I use with my beginners. It’s got 8 fun improv activities including 12 Bar Blues for kids, Cowboy Swing, Elephant March and more. Here are 18 piano lesson game ideas for beginners. I find it easiest to do this by just purchasing some rhythm flashcards like these, and then sticking them into a cup. Piano lesson games are a great teaching tool for beginners because it keeps them engaged in the lesson while also teaching important concepts. Then ask the kids to match the symbols with the names on their map. Kids will be excited to eat the snacks after they’ve finished! On each container, you should draw one note, rhythm, or rest. Far too many teachers are in a situation where they are working longer hours than they’d like and their income is lower than it should be. For rests, students simply hold the cup up without tapping or dropping it down. That’s a good training exercise for sight reading and quick note recognition. This game is a simple and effective way to teach students how to see the direction notes are moving within a measure. Using a whiteboard or paper, create 4 measures of notes going up and going down from the original starting pitch for each group of students. I recommend doing this in private lessons. Try to keep each pitch within the staff as you draw the notes going up and down. Click here for this free piano lesson game. In order to become faster at the skill, you can turn it into an interval matching game. After looking over their pins, have that group clap their rhythm. Using piano practice charts is another effective strategy for getting kids to practice more. The student’s task is to figure out which pattern the teacher performed. Start off simple with seconds and thirds and see how many they can correctly identify and match up with their cards. Materials: set of cards with simple music symbols on them. 1 +100 new songs: my heart goes on, happy birthday, my street, imagine, chandeliers, all, Grafsterne and La La Land, also JS. This game helps students practice adding bar lines. The first two are printed for them, and they need to listen and fill in the missing third note. A big part of artistry in music revolves around a creative mindset. See how quickly they can stick the correct index card to match up with the terms you’ve written on the board. 10 Fun Group Piano Lesson Games – with free printables! To make this game run smoothly, I recommend only using intervals of a second or third until they become more advanced listeners. Another option is to roll the dice and have your students play major and minor triads or major and minor scales from the note they land on. Certain content that appears on comes from Amazon Services LLC. To make this competitive, set up a points system and split your group students into teams. Click here to learn more about using practice charts effectively and to print my practice chart free. If they select the wrong pattern they are given one more chance to figure it out and will get two points. The goal of the game is to help the note wizard travel from one end of the piano to the next. Start the student off with a simple C major scale. Click here to print this piano lesson game. The Intervaltoons are a fun resource that piano teachers can use to help students with music interval recognition. See how tall she can make her Jumbo Ice Cream Cone! Among the most essential piano teacher resources is a good piano practice incentive program.
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