Requirements for admission to the PhD program in Clinical Psychology include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a record of achievement that shows a strong promise of success in the program’s coursework and research and clinical … The Clinical Psychology Program was founded in 1947-1948. Welcome to the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. The admission requirements for clinical psychology PhD program includes; A bachelor’s degree and at least two undergraduate or graduate psychology courses. Those applicants to the Clinical Psychology program judged to be among the top applicants are invited for an interview, and the final selection is based on all information, including the interview. Applicants are also required … It was APA-accredited in the … Students are admitted for full-time study only. The purpose of the Psychology Clinical Handbook is to outline and describe the philosophy and structure of Harvard University’s Clinical Psychology Program and to provide students with information about the courses, research, and clinical training required to earn a Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology. Degree Requirements The GRE Advanced Psychology test is recommended but not required.
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