View Printable Version (PDF) Read Time: 3.5 minutes . 'Spray Painting Pre-Check & Daily Component' checklist Take your checklist on-site and ensure your work area and spray painting equipment is up to standard Check your spray painting work area and components daily to ensure you are complying with safety standards and identify any problems with equipment and parts that may be required. Check your booth pressure and adjust it to ensure it’s running under negative pressure. Spray Booth Maintenance The illustration below shows a paint booth Drotected with Fremont 58H. Paint Booth Design Review Checklist ACGIH Industrial Ventilation Manual, 27th /28th Edition UFC 3-410-04N, Industrial Ventilation, 25 October 2004 ANSI Z9.3-2007, Spray Finishing Operations – Safety Code for Design, Construction, and Ventilation Aside from these minimum requirements for paint booths, there are some essential safety practices to make sure your booth is maintained properly: Restrict access for anyone with asthma, allergies, and respiratory illnesses. Filter maintenance is extremely important as operating a booth with used or clogged filters can increase operating costs, compromise worker safety and reduce airflow in the booth that can diminish the quality of the spray or finish coating. Protecting booth surfaces In busy paint spray booth areas there is the problem of overspray, dripping, and spilling- When paint accumulates in the booth, it can be difficult to remove. TL;DR. Changing out the filters is the most common form of booth maintenance for most paint booth operations. Spray booth safety tips. Spray Paint Booth Performance Checklist. The coating has been scored to show how easily this v product can be removed simply by cutting and peeling it off in large sheets. Set the booth to run on spray mode Using a saturated sponge with household cleaner, wipe all the walls and doors Clean all light and door glass Replace floor filters NEVER blow compressed air to clean the floor or ceiling filter pads Every 6 Months of Operation: Have burner checked by an authorized technician Remove Paint Accumulation. Read Time: 3.5 minutes TL;DR. Changing out the filters is the most common form of booth maintenance for most paint booth operations. THINK STANDING IN FRONT OF A FAN. Operating a spraybooth with clogged filters can increase the cost of operations, as well as reducing airflow in the booth and compromising the quality of the paint finish. Keep your spray booth … To keep your paint booth as safe as possible, there are some things you should do regularly to maintain your booth and the safety of those who work in it. Make sure that the booth… In this case, the booth has more air than outside the booth and when a door is opened, dirt and debris is pushed away from the booth.
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