Columbia held on to the movie for almost a year before dumping it into theaters in late August, traditionally the "dog days" of movie attendance. Muziek. When she meets Kyla, a fellow loner, they become close friends until Riley learns that Kyla is … If Obsession had been even a little more subtle, had made even a little more sense on some boring logical plane, it wouldn't have worked at all. The monument is a replica of the church (Basilica di San Miniato al Monte) where he and Elizabeth had met many years before in Florence, Italy. Sometimes overwrought excess can be its own reward. De originele filmmuziek is gecomponeerd door Merlijn Snitker.De titelsong "Trouble in Paradise" is gezongen door LOUISV.Ook drie nummers van Stromae zijn nadrukkelijk aanwezig in de film. Musical spectacle for 30. years of career, the famous music stars Zorana Pavic "Our 30". "[11] It is an exact replica of the kidnappers' message from sixteen years before. Before meeting George Good (Brad Dourif), Sonny Jordan (Mekhi Pfeiffer) was just a lost drifter with a troubled past floating from town to town, looking for work. To be honest, I was genuinely taken aback and pleased, from a darkly humorous point of view, about where we ended up and why.The film is such a mixed bag, I don't know if I can safely recommend it or not. View production, box office, & company info. When finally released in the late summer of 1976, it became De Palma's first substantial box office success and received a mixed response from critics. Sonny quickly settles in and makes himself useful around the place but then Sonny meets Larissa, (Elika Portnoy) George's alluring wife. His Perfect Obsession Plot. The two begin a passionate affair leading them to construct a twisted plot to take George's life in cold blood in order to be together. We have this shot of Cliff Robertson asleep. Spectator / As thanks, George gives Sonny a home and a job as a mechanic on his farm in the lonely Louisiana Bayou. As fate would have it, Sonny ends up saving George's life from a murderous back-alley mugger. Looking for something new to watch in December? Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution Obsession est un thriller américain réalisé par Brian De Palma , sorti en 1976 . Schrader indicated that "the original three part story conclude with a section set in the future (1985). Was this review helpful to you? Vanessa Miller aka Annika Burrows (Caroline Cave) is the main villainess of the 2015 Lifetime film Accidental Obsession (alternately titled Hit & Run; airdate July 12, 2015).. Annika was the former high school classmate of Heather Williams (the film's protagonist), whom she was jealous of. The briefcase breaks open and all of the money flies out. Courtland sees her and runs toward her, gun drawn. His real estate partner Robert LaSalle (Lithgow) convinces Courtland to tag along on a business trip back to Florence. [12], But several critics complained that the film was all too clearly a mere homage to Vertigo, without being original or interesting enough in itself as a thriller. en) Render-vous in de Internet Movie Database A security guard attempts to stop him but Courtland smashes the briefcase full of money against the guard's head, knocking him unconscious. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Samuel Goldwyn Films. As fate would have it, Sonny ends up saving George's life from a murderous back-alley mugger. A most unusual love story unravels when the objects in a young man's pockets come to life. "[6], In the documentary De Palma, the director indicated that he felt the major flaw of the film was in casting Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson. This time, Courtland decides to deliver the demanded cash. In the years that followed she was expelled from the school and became mentally unstable. Being obsessed is like having tunnel vision: you lose the ability to see or care about anything outside the object of your obsession. Riley struggles to meet friends after transferring to a new high school where her father is an English teacher. Scad Savannah Film Festival Prizes Go to ‘Killing Eleanor,’ ‘Kusasa’, Tyler Perry Built a Small-Screen Empire From Scratch. De Palma said, "It made Schrader very unhappy: he thought I'd truncated his masterpiece. It became a projection of his desires rather than actual fact. The Schrader most effective when it's most romantic, and transparent when it attempts to be mysterious...The such that you'll probably have figured out the mystery very early. Courtland now realizes for the first time who Sandra really is, and father and daughter fall into a deep embrace.
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