... and a lightweight inner layer of DuPont™ Nomex… Firefighting hoods have been around for years, protecting firefighters from heat in a fire situation, but recent innovations in hood design and fabrics have added protection from toxic carcinogenic particulates. BarriAire Gold Hoods by PGI — Your Fire Hood is an Investment in Your Health and Safety... BarriAire Gold Hoods combine an outer layer of PGI proprietary gold FR fabric and an inner layer of ultra-lightweight, DuPont™ Nomex… A Nomex hood is a common piece of racing and firefighting equipment. Firefighting, military aviation, and vehicle racing industries use Nomex to create clothing and equipment that can withstand intense heat. Nomex Fire Hood. The addition of Nomex® Nano Flex to a firefighter hood composite structure provides improved particle barrier protection in the neckline and upper jaw area that historically are known to be the most … Available with an outer layer of Gray 20%/80% Nomex/Lenzing blend. It is placed on the head on top of a firefighter's … FR Hood; Heavyweight material for added thermal protection; Favorable in cooler climates; Fabric designed to wick moisture away from neck; Available in the Following Lengths: … The INNOTEX GRAY™ Hood 25 has a THL of 392 and a TPP of 22.37.
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