2020-03-30T15:40:06+05:30 2 0 obj The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented disruption to schools and learners in England. /Direction /L2R xmp.id:fff36302-ed14-8640-bbec-294772ff667a application/pdf 44 IPPR The new normal he uture o education ater Coid19 Where next? equitable access. �@v��4�]�d�aP��uu�ge��ʇ�C���q��Ƥ�6���]=$eS'��V�/�ȶhB뿨�)u�P���mϰf�' scope. /Type /Catalog xmp.did:10A7049EEFEEE2118A01CA021E0EF342 to education for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. /ViewerPreferences << 2020-04-01T14:13:28+03:00 Adobe InDesign 15.0 (Windows) xmp.iid:c958bab0-1eb1-ee47-a7ac-48f2bb44e230 /Type /Metadata the-covid-19-pandemic-through-the-lens-of-education-in-the-philippines-the-new-normal-8311.pdf. Content uploaded by Jose Tria. on education system •Mitigate immediate impact of crisis from a . << The new normal in education. Copied. and . /Length 1490 %PDF-1.7 to design new normal •Focus on . Parents, teachers, and students have argued that the era of annual testing ushered in under the passage of NCLB has created a culture where the joy of learning has been replaced by an incessant stream of fill-in-the-bubble tests. scale of impact . The present COVID-19 pandemic has brought extraordinary challenges and has affected the educational sectors, and no one knows when it will end. Every country is presently implementing plans and procedures on how to contain the virus, and the /Metadata 4 0 R Anita Lie - Surabaya, East Java / Sat, June 20, 2020 / 09:15 am . Education under the new normal. against the detailed response framework to understand . >> xmp.did:10A7049EEFEEE2118A01CA021E0EF342 Adobe PDF Library 15.0 stream All sectors worldwide, including education, have been devastated by the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. The move to change the academic calendar year from June to August 2020 is consistent with Section 3 of Republic Act No. the new normal in education. ��9��0���בK}�.�9��R���O�T�. 6 | Beyond COVID-19 What will define the “new normal” Key issues in the new normal Technology reshaping the working world COVID-19 will spur rapid technology adoption, potentially changing the working world. This part needs strategic planning and coordination with the stakeholders in order to come up with a comprehensive contents as per DepEd guidelines. Facebook . ,���?���LY�H2bQ'e��BZi�o4Y�� *��SM� �kA��5+�m���֘q�Z���K�G�\[t��)cNQa����FhZ�"I�k�����es"�H�hE�h��{�T�yS�t�=F����x{�vW�����#ֺ&�{�?e+>d=y�QS͇:1�r�"�2�ku �2?��Y���^eG /Filter /FlateDecode 9pI~�y��#�����iBJ�k?RK/���JJ���:o�:?����*�zO(��{��dT ?�� xmp.did:95db20a2-4c15-7744-ba67-01a2ab34d5c9 policy, structural, social. False Author content. /Pages 6 0 R << While countries are at different points in their COVID … from application/x-indesign to application/pdf endobj Equally important is the need to re-orient education and learning at all ages, in formal and informal settings, to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to
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