Alternatively, pour out some nail polish on a clean surface and dip the end of the toothbrush in the nail polish. Jazz it up with red glitter nail paint in the nail tips. So why not get your nails done that way? Nail Health Problems – What Your Nails Says About Your Nails Health. 2. Cover your entire nail, this is the foundation for the design. Peel off the loofah netting along the direction of the nail polish stroke. But in our busy lives, we hardly have much time to visit nail salons. Let me know in the comments below. In the rest of the fingers add a nice coat of popping pink nail paint. 1. Make sure to follow the provided detailed instructions. 5. Only you need a small sponge to make the ombre effect. Now draw some intricate floral designs to the white base in ring finger and thumb. 5. 2. Peek a Boo Nails Trying nail art at home indirectly means that you do not need any fancy equipment. Which one of these easy nail art at home designs are you most excited to try out? 1. Aqua and Gold Nail Polish (experiment with other combinations such as black with gold, or silver with black, and gold with red, etc.). I like it so much, very beautiful. End the nail design with clear nail polish. 1. A comfortable design for the beginners to do at home. Place a nail art strip on the upper-base area of your nail and paint it using the pink polish. Take a small sponge and dip it in the water. Try out this minimalistic nail art design at home, step by step instructions of which are detailed below. Dip the toothpick in the white nail polish and paint a few dots of varying sizes. You alternate or add in the middle fingernail only. If you wish for having intricate designs on your nails without having to deal with minutely detailed painting, then here’s a reliable shortcut just for you! Use hair spray to prevent the Sharpie manicure from smudging or smearing. To seal your nail polish and to prevent it from chipping, apply a top coat running along the top edge of the nail. The red glittery crescent shape pops out in the polka dots base. Here are amazing DIY ideas for nail art followed by tips and tricks just for you. Start by applying a base coat of white nail polish. 5. Greasing the area around the nails with petroleum jelly makes it easy to clean up after the manicure. First, apply a base coat of the peach or nude shade on your nails. You can recreate the designs of your favorite cartoon character and emojis. It does not need to be perfect. 3. Floral prints embrace the inner beauty of you. Another way to avoid a mess is to apply a thin layer of glue in the surrounding regions, which can be peeled off once you’re done. For achieving those prominent stripes, you can use nail striping tape. But you can easily enjoy them by incorporating them in your nail design. It’s never too late to start making Nail designs. Even you can add contrasting strokes of different colors. 8. The white polka dots in the center of the nails adds more elegance to the nail design. For a beginner, who struggles to create a perfect nail design. Hello Readers! Allow your heart to drop from your sleeve onto your nails with adorable Attack of Heart nail art. 4. You don’t need to be perfect. Here’s how to do nail art at home, step by step instructions included, to get you started! Especially, the nail design is perfect for Valentine’s Day look. Then again repeat the step with navy blue nail polish. Even you can use this as a base coat for your any boring nail paint. Get your hands on a stiff paint brush and dip it inside one of the colors. Try a sparkly silver top coat with black tips for a night sky-like mani. Recent years, there is a huge development in the design of nail fashion. This is, by far, the easiest nail art design at home without kit, offering a stunning finishing. 8. Apply a base coat and wait until it dries. 1. You will get a brilliant final look of a medley of aqua and gold. Are you feeling inspired already? Once again apply a coat of lacquer to seal the French manicure.
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