Then apply a tile and grout sealer to seal the grout. I do what you proposing all the time and press tile into thinset and not grout later. See picture at this link: For the hearth, the issue is not temperature resistance so much as impact resistance: It doesn’t make sense to use glass tiles that are easily cracked by a metal poker or small tiles that are easily knocked loose. I suspect that heating and cooling the oven in cycles over time may cause other cracks to appear or reappear, and these should have thinset rubbed into them as needed. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The glazed mosaic finish on the outer dome of this garden pizza oven catches the sun and also the eye and you can choose from either an evocative green Atlantico, entrancing azure blue Mediterraneo or rousing red Volcanico. It has a few superficial cracks and has a sort of gauze covering most of it, some of which is coming off. But we are talking about the SURROUNDS, not inside the firebox. Kristina had already told me that the crack started on the front of the oven just over the door, and so as soon as she sent me a picture of the oven showing that the door had an iron frame, it was obvious to me why the crack had started there: The glass and mortar mosaic expands at roughly the same rate as the brick and concrete oven underneath it, but the iron door frame and the other iron structural elements expand even faster. Hello Joe, ive stumbled across your threads. This wood burning oven … The Fuego Mosaic 80 – Medium Garden Pizza Oven wood-fired oven arrives on a standard crated pallet, weighing approximately 600kg. In this series of pictures you can see what regular wall tiles from Home Depot can do to your wood fired oven. Reading through your replies to various comments, it looks like glass or porcelain tiles are best to use, and to use a thinset mortar to bond and grout the tiles. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Required fields are marked *. I want to mosaic an outdoor forno bravo pizza oven in Colorado — so I need to account for wild temperature extremes. The clay shell inside has very little cracks but they seem to still seal well. Even once you have chosen the size of your wood fired oven and which mosaic finish you require, you can personalise it further. I would seal the grout with a tile and grout sealer from the building material store. Joe, hi I don’t think w have thinset in Australia do you know what glue to use here or just a tile glue. Thank you also for your technical support for the oven! Trending Pizza Oven for Your Outdoor Party! The usual practice is to run humidifiers near a new mosaic to protect them from AC or central heat –not build a fire under them! They probably call it something else, maybe tile mortar I’m guessing. With that in mind, is a crack appearing in a new mosaic in an Italian or Mexican restaurant a problem or a windfall? Seafood and sea life and undersea scenes were common themes of Roman mosaic. The problem with thermal expansion is that materials expand at different rates, and metals like iron expand more rapidly than stone, brick, and concrete. Hi Neil, It has some cracks outside. The benefit is that you can do everything in one session. What type of mosaics and mortar you recommend ? Hi Laura, Buying sheets of mosaic are expensive, would it be ok to buy full tiles, break them and make a random mosaic with them. It can also bake, barbecue, grill, pan cook, roast, slow cook and smoke to absolute perfection. Unfortunately, a metal oven would expand and contract at a different rate from the mosaic and mortar and crack it off. All Fuego ovens are DEFRA approved and have been classified as "exempt" for use in smoke control areas when burning a non-authorised fuel or fuels. Amy, There are basically two types of wood oven you’ll find in the houses. Because this special clay has unrivalled refractory qualities that makes our ovens incredibly efficient at retaining their heat. I would make sure that I had moved it around for some months to see if it were resistant to cracking before I invested the time and money required for a mosaic. Check out the latest inspirational installations of Fuego wood-fired ovens, courtesy of our very own Fuego customers! Caulk is problematic because it will not age well. They are still made in the traditional way by artisan oven makers with a minimum of ten years’ experience at their craft. I’m thinking of repairs like mortar-filled voids and replacement tiles of not-quite-the-right color and how you can sometimes see a series of these inexact repairs apparently made at different times in response to different injuries. However, that approach requires that your tile spacing be a little bit “looser” (more widely spaced) than the glue-then-grout approach. I was wondering the best way to attaach them to the oven. In this blog, we are telling how you can make an outdoor brick pizza oven. Thanks for the article. The Grey Mosaic 90 outdoor pizza oven continues to astound cooks on a daily basis. I suppose it would be possible for an oven to get so hot that it degraded the sticky polymers over time, but it’s impossible to say from a general description. They make a high-temp thinset mortars, but most of the mosaic pizza ovens I have seen use regular thinset. However, thinset mortar is a better choice because it is harder and tougher and more adhering than grout,, and it can tolerate slight displacement (movement) while grout cannot. The problem was that the mosaic was cracking over the door of the oven, and that caused me some concern because that should not happen with traditional fireplaces and pizza ovens constructed with brick or stone, and I have been telling people for years that there was no reason why they could not put mosaics on these surfaces in spite of the heat. Hoping to do a quick project in an hour or so from start to finish with folks who may never have done mosaic before. I’m hoping to do lots of bright colors, but am wondering the best kind of tile for such an environment. It’s really helpful. For instance, did you know you can cook a full Sunday Roast with all the trimmings in the Mosaic 80? Failure to follow the curing instructions can cause damage to the oven and will void the warranty.
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