So you can use either idea to tell people your name, they just have different grammatical requirements. "Me llama" would translate to he/she/it/you formal calls me. It's still me llamo. Synonym for me llamo "Me llamo" is more natural, common, for informal situations and maybe friendly. Hello, my name is Donald Trump and I’m the new President of USA. The phrase '[Yo] me llamo' actually means 'I call myself' and is from the reflexive verb 'llamarse' (to call oneself). 1 year ago. But, it does mean "my name is". You can say "me llamo" in formal situations too.|Igual significado |has the same meaning Make sure you read Kevin's post on your previous thread. A finer point is "me llamo" is a little different and probably a little advanced to explain but it's worth a shot. They are both totally fine and understandable by everybody 0. votes. So "llamar" is "call", or "to call". That will help you. Synonym for Mi nombre es Me llamo literally means I call myself and mi nombre es means my name is|mi nombre es= my name is=はたしのなまえ me llamo="im called" or "i do call my self" yo soy=i am=おれは |and yes they are formal, less formal and unformal|All mean the same just mi nombre es (formal polite) me llamo (formal) soy (informal) Hola me llamo isabella. updated Sep 11, 2011. edited by SonrisaDelSol. Some people would argue that "Mi nombre es" is, in fact, some sort of anglicism, a direct translation of "My name is", and that it is not usually said by native speakers. "Llamo" comes from the verb "llamar", and verbs do not change to correspond with gender. "Mi nombre es" is maybe a little bit formal, but it serves more for introduce yourself. Synonym for Mi nombre es “Me llamo....” (lit: I am called...) is the typical colloquial response “Mi nombre es...” sounds more formal But basically you can use either one. posted by SonrisaDelSol. Nombre means Name, and Llamo means "I call", so in Spanish when you say your name or introduce your name, there are two forms, you can say "mi nombe es ___" or meaning "My name is ___". > Hola, me llamo Donald Trump y soy el nuevo Presidente de los EEUU. But 'nombre' is a noun and 'mi' is an adjective that get paired up with the verb 'es' (ser – to be). You can also say "Me llamo ___" or "I call myself ___" either way is correct, but that is … The only difference is I still haven't heard a Spanish speaker saying "mi nombre es".
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