Masterbuilt Gravity Feed. i can't remember if fans continue with ERR4 … BBQ recipes , Smokers Basically this code is telling you that your smoker is to cold. When you open the smoker door and look at the back you will see a sensor (small piece of metal sticking out). The control unit on my 8 month old Masterbuilt model 20070411 controller will not work. After about 6 uses the … I went to a box store and dropped close to $300 for a Masterbuilt MES 30 about a year ago. If im not mistaken if it doesn't start raising temp after a bit ypu'll get ERR4 on the display. Thread in 'Charcoal Smokers' Thread starter Started by ... Any questions just ask us theres a bunch of us with 560 here now. Masterbuilt makes a cheap product that is prone to issues, cut and dry. The temperature in my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Sportsman Elite was reading 150 degrees at ambient temperature so I gave Masterbuilt a call. Masterbuilt Gravity Series owners. Masterbuilt Gravity Series Owners has 368 members.
2020 masterbuilt 560 err4