The result was that demand rose steeply. Kerala with its welcoming green pastures, brimming rivers and beautiful hill stations has a different charm during the monsoon season in India. Kerala is among the most beautiful tourist destinations in India, and it has something to offer all year-round. Kerala is a beautiful tropical state in the southern part of India. Everything is fine right now and returns are good but there is an element of risk. You can also visit hill stations to enjoy the panoramic misty views of nature. The buyer in Chennai pays for harvesting and transport. At that time, just six people had college degrees. The average maximum temperature during the season is 30°C, and the minimum temperature is around 20°C. For two months, from April 25 every year, Marlin’s shed is a hive of activity. The season begins with two or three quintals of the fruit being collected. Neighbours first noted the tree’s progress in adjacent fields and then decided to plant their own mangosteen trees. The seeds are used for propagation. He has grown mangosteen trees between nutmeg. Perhaps because Pariyaram is a water-rich area, all the households we visited had opted for flood irrigation that requires a huge amount of water. Joshua Daniel, a trader from Pathnamthitta, has been consistently buying mangosteen from Pariyaram for the past 50 years. This means once the fruit is plucked, it undergoes rapid changes resulting in a short shelf life at ambient temperature. And you can drive your car or hire a cab from all the major cities. Another farmer, A.D. George, has only five mangosteen trees in his compound. There are many farmers in Pariyaram who own 50-100 trees. In 2007, Greenhills Estate, a coffee plantation in Kodagu, fell on hard times. A network of highways connects it to the rest of India. We at Kerala Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA offer various packages that you can choose from depending on your budget, duration and interests. In all probability, Marlin’s farm yields the most mangosteen fruit in Kerala and in all of India. The average maximum temperature is 35°C, and the minimum revolves around 28°C during the north east monsoon season. Every year, the nursery produces 40,000 to 50,000 plants for sale. He also brought some mangosteen seeds from Malaysia. At that stage mangosteen fetches a high price of Rs 400 per kg in Chennai. But it is the best season for a Kerala visit at affordable rates. In Tamil Nadu, the trees grow from 250ft to 5,000ft elevation. Marlin concluded that fruit always had a bright future. “We have to harvest nutmeg ourselves every two or three days for about six months in the year. Kozhikode airport and Kannur airport are the two other airports in Kerala providing convenient connectivity to other places. The average weight of one fruit is between 80 and 100 gm. The price is lower during this time. It is also close to hill stations like Munnar. He bought the tree from a member of Marlin’s family a few years ago. It is the peak season; and the best time to visit Kerala. The rivers are full of water, and the entire region gets a lush green cover. Many people don’t know of the fruit at all. You can also find plenty of them in Trivandrum. A few farmers in Pune and Thane are also cultivating mangosteen. Book tickets and accommodation in advance. “Everywhere in cities I used to see truckloads of grapes, oranges and other fruit arriving. Enjoying backwater boat cruises, watching boat races and taking a tour of spice plantations are among the activities you can take during monsoon season. Why does mangosteen from Pariyaram fetch such a high price? This initial success prompted him to plant mangosteen in a big way. Summer begins in March and ends in May, and winter begins around November and remains until February. Buses, flights and trains also connect one place to the other within Kerala. The fruit contains five segments, two with seeds and the rest seedless and wholly edible. They know mangosteen cultivation is slowly catching up in Kerala and Karnataka. Once ripened, the rind turns soft. So locating each fruit nestled amid dark green shiny leaves needs a sharp eye and patience. The coconut trees are still there but coconut isn’t seen as a lucrative crop anymore. Action begins at the crack of dawn. So how did mangosteen, an unknown fruit in India, find fertile ground in Pariyaram? The price is lower during this time. Many buyers prefer to purchase older plants since their gestation period is lower. This tree, whose progeny brought prosperity to the village, now stands on Kevin Nicholas’ land. We need to sell the fruit at a farm gate price of Rs 50. Last year John earned Rs 1.75 lakh from mangosteen and Rs 1 lakh from nutmeg. And if you plan to bring your car or drive a rental, you can take it to anywhere within the state. It stops in Chalakudy town to collect some more boxes of mangosteen. But we can’t stop harvesting,” says Marlin. The first batch of trees Marlin planted began yielding fruit in four years although he cautions that it is best to give the tree a five-year gestation period. In fact, the fruit reaches the end consumer the very next day after being harvested. The first saplings of the mother tree are now about 60-70 years old. “If it rains in Ernakulam, demand for mangosteen suddenly goes down,” says Marlin. Summer begins in March and ends in May, and winter begins around November and remains until February. Motorboats and ferries also connect many places through the water channels. You can also opt for our Kerala Tour packages that help you plan your Kerala tour in the best way possible. Its peak output is during the rainy season. But nowhere is the crop grown as abundantly as in Pariyaram village. Daniel’s network spreads beyond the revenue boundaries of Pariyaram village. Initially, around 10-20 kg of the fruit sold. Mangosteen is a climacteric fruit. There is probably no house in Pariyaram that doesn’t own one or two mangosteen plants. They reach everywhere except for the hilly areas, and they run from all major cities and towns of the country. Those who have eaten the fruit in Bangkok or Malaysia begin wondering why the price is so steep here. ... For 15 years Prashanth, a 37-year-old villager living near Thirthahally in Karnataka, slaved at a ... Four years ago, Dr N.S. It is also the most favourable season to indulge in various activities and sightseeing. Hotels, resorts and homestays provide hearty discounts and lucrative offers for the tourists. Farmers here worry about what future demand will be. There are two factors that come in the way of creating a market for mangosteen in North India and other regions where it hasn’t made its presence felt. Then, many youngsters from Hyderabad are studying in Ooty. Marlin and Sibi visit mangosteen farmers. In the hills, however, it is cool and pleasant. But the coconut trees got afflicted by root wilt and other diseases. Mangosteen trees are more hardy. People who travel to Southeast Asia get to know about mangosteen and create a demand for the fruit when they return. “Mangosteen has a good future if we make it reasonably affordable,” says Jacob Chalissery, a mangosteen grower. So he decided to try out mangosteen. The fruit crates are unloaded and some fruit is rejected. Agricultural workers from Bihar and UP left Punjab in droves during the lockdown. George says he earns Rs 1 lakh from nutmeg and around Rs 30,000 from mangosteen. They assess the crop and quote a price. Besides, farmers in Pariyaram take care of their mangosteen trees and pamper them with irrigation and fertilisers,” explains Daniel. In 1991 Marlin planted 100 mangosteen plants in his coconut garden. In other words, just when the temperature rises in Chennai in summer and demand for fruit increases, our mangosteen fruit is  ready. This year Pariyaram’s fruit was worth about Rs 1 crore from around 100 farmers. He also has a few fecund rambutan trees which fetch him an income. While the weather remains humid during this time of the year, cool breeze from south-west and refreshing showers replace the scorching Sun. Kerala enjoys three major seasons – summer, monsoon and winter. By Rail – A train journey to Kerala also guarantees a memorable experience along the coastline of the state. However, the best way to explore all the popular places to visit in Kerala in the most comfortable manner is to hire a cab from top car rental companies in Kerala. The fruit is rounded and dark purple when ripe. The average maximum temperature is 28°C, and the minimum is around 18°C.
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