That means that there are 26/27 chances that it is actually raining. In this logic question, you are standing in a room with three light switches. This equals a 96% chance of it raining when I arrive to the city.". The total shortage is 7 shilling, so the ladies together started out with 420 apples. What is the probability that it is actually raining in Washington D.C.? ", 10 Logical Interview Questions You Might Be Asked in an Interview (With Answers). Here is the question: Imagine you are standing at the bottom of a 30-foot wall. Numeracy problems can also be a type of logical interview question you might encounter. So the solution is: answer C. . Multiply these two probabilities together and the result is a 1/12 chance that you will roll a two on your second try.". If answer B would be correct, then answer C ("Answer B or C") would also be correct. Also, circles are the only geometric shape that won't fall in on itself in a similarly-shaped hole, so it should never be able to fall in. Related: 12 Tough Interview Questions and Answers. Hans and Gerrie are standing with their backs towards each other!. Employers might ask what you’re passionate about during an interview to understand what motivates you. Copyright © 2007 - 2020 Read more: How to Prepare for an Interview. This numeracy question focuses on number patterns and how you process information to calculate an outcome. Here is the question: Jane's mother has four children. This question can require some mathematical computation: If you have a three-gallon jug and a five-gallon jug, how can you measure out exactly four gallons of water? Before your next interview, you should be prepared to answer logical questions. Finally, the farmer goes back for the chicken and continues to the other side of the river with nothing eaten.". Answer: "I would turn on the first switch and let it stay on for a few minutes. Example answer: "The fourth child's name is Jane because she was named at the very beginning.". Then, he can go back for the fox. In this riddle, you are presented with the farmer's problem of transporting his animals and crops across a river. Again, the process you use to come up with a solution can be more important than arriving at the correct answer. Logic questions for interview purposes can be used to assess these skillsets as well as gauge the way you ask for information, use resources and work under pressure. Then, I'd turn the first switch off and quickly turn on the second switch. Then, checking the room, I'd see the second bulb turned on and feel the other two bulbs to see which one is warmer. Still, you can use basic mathematical calculations and information from your interviewer to answer this question: How many pennies, if they are stacked on top of each other, will it take to reach the top of the Empire State Building? Assuming one penny is a 1/4 inch high, I can divide the height of the building by the height of the penny to get the number of pennies I'll need to stack. Practicing how you will answer some of these logical interview questions can definitely help prepare for your interview. From the second statement, we know that the six people sat at the table in the following way (clockwise and starting with Helen's husband): Because the water-lily doubles its size every day and the complete pool is covered after 20 days, half of the pool will be covered one day before that, after 19 days. What is the fourth child's name? Below are example answers to 10 interview questions that pose a logical problem. Logical interview questions involve solving brainteasers or some type of riddle to show the interviewer your critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and analytical skills. These types of questions present a riddle that you are supposed to answer. If he leaves the chicken and corn together, the chicken might eat the corn. Consider asking the interviewer for this information or if you are expected to use assumed values. .. On the first day, the snail reaches a height of 5 meters and slides down 4 meters at night, and thus ends at a height of 1 meter. These are worth 2/5 ?420 = 168 shilling, or with equal division, 84 shilling for each. Here is the question: A farmer needs to cross the river with his fox, his chicken and a bag of corn.
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