Find out how Klaviyo can help your business grow with a product walkthrough and consultation. Could ask us for our preferences. We wanted to do some detective work and review their email marketing strategies to see if they were doing everything that they could to provide the best first impressions. A point to keep in mind: Neither I nor my friends suffer from dry hair. It will last you a long time (just make sure to wet your hair properly before adding the shampoo). , 80% of future revenue will likely come from just 20% of your existing customers. Here are, Go beyond generic copy and images, and use ones that show the customer what your brand stands for and what they bought –, We have post-purchase email resources to help get you started, Similar to the post-purchase order confirmation, this should not be generic and is also a good opportunity to. Apparently it can take some time to wash out all the oils and silicons in you hair. After these activities, we received a multi-touch email campaign about a new hair care product. At this point, I had to wash it every second day. My hair literally changed over night: over a period of one month it became frizzy. Please make a selection to calculate your ROI. Their products are innovative and use science and patented technology to change the way they approach hair care. In my case, I noticed results after one wash. Biotherm Aquasource Cocoon (Balm-In-Gel) Review, Paula’s Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum First Impression Review, Adding moisture won’t always solve frizzy hair problems. This is a good example of marketing automation. Let’s look at their one week email strategy. There is a solution out there for you! Only when you have listened to and analyzed your customers can you truly communicate more personally and stand out from the competition. It’s also an opportunity to share your company’s story with new customers. First, we signed up for emails with Living Proof and Kerastase. Find out more below. And then it got worse; my hair became very oily. Your email address will not be published. is a hair care brand based in Cambridge, MA (we’re neighbors!). Living Proof is a hair care brand based in Cambridge, MA, not far from our own offices. from. We abandoned a cart and did not receive an abandoned cart email. Nurture customer relationships with powerful automation. There was none. Could use some on-brand content or imagery – especially if there’s no welcome series email. Living Proof is a more expensive line compared to Garnier but cheaper than Kérastase, however, it does what it says on the container. First impressions play an important role in great email strategies. Their products are also scientific and innovative, and go through rigorous testing. We received a multi-touch email campaign that was based on how we interacted with their email content. We also liked the use of cross-selling with bestsellers. We signed up for their email newsletter and did not receive a welcome series email (we were asked to confirm our signup subscription though). They’re both established brands that are known for their hair care products, developed with a science first mentality – just like Klaviyo’s. Our. Required fields are marked *. Receive emails about new and current product collections. I recommended the Living Proof No Frizz products to my friends (one of them is a male friend with long thick black hair and the other one is a female friend with blond thick hair that tends to get static). It seems that it works for a majority of hair types. Let me know down below! Don’t worry! Do you think LIving Proof is comparable to Kerastase? With over 150 awards won, it’s proven that they are a brand loved by many. Scopri i nostri trattamenti di alta qualità e i prodotti su misura per il tuo cuoio capelluto. The new line turned out to be the holy grail for me. I was told that I would see the result after a few washes. First, we signed up for emails with Living Proof and Kerastase. Living Proof is a hair care brand based in Cambridge, MA (we’re neighbors!). Aside from these activities, we also received a Valentine’s Day-inspired holiday email. Do you have frizzy long thin hair that easily turns oily?
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