You can grow this ornamental plant along formal borders or in a container. Cultivars commonly grown for landscape fall into species including Taxus baccata, T. canadensis, T. baccata, T. cuspidata, and Taxus × media. Here are a few examples of evergreen holly shrubs for your yard: False holly is a hardy evergreen shrub with dark green or variegated foliage (on the right). The leaves are grayish-green with cream-colored margins. Many Viburnum species are medium to tall shrubs with glossy, dark green leaves and dense evergreen foliage. 'Golden Mop' is a slow-growing, mounded shrub form of the C. pisifera species that will take 10 years to reach its maximum size of 10 feet. These shrubs can brighten up your yard with stunning colors and scents. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. These hardy shrubs grow in full sun to full shade and can withstand some drought. Needle-bearing evergreen shrubs such as yews, with small, tightly spaced needles, are especially useful in hedges, as they can be trimmed to precise shapes. Trees (91) Shrubs (29) Dwarf (42) Groundcover (2) Mature Size (generic) TREE (5-10' Tall) • Average WIdth (8) TREE (5-10' Tall) Compact or Narrow Form (3) TREE (5-10' Tall) • Wide Spread (3) Evergreen shrubs hold onto their leaves all year round, providing continual interest through every season, while deciduous shrubs lose their foliage in fall or winter. After these shrubs finish blooming, clusters of brightly-colored orange or red berries appear. While many specimens are large, growing as tall as 70 feet and serving as landscape trees, there are also compact cultivars that function as shrubs. Aug 17, 2020 - Shrubs I will use in my home landscape for structure purposes, especially during the hot days of summer when everything looks so tired. The striking feature of laurustinus is its masses of flower clusters and eye-catching blue or pink fruits. Mountain laurel is usually planted in masses around foundations, for screens, or in shrub islands. Firethorn is a thorny shrub that can be used to create a decorative thorny hedge due to its evergreen foliage, ornamental red berries, and prickly stems. The evergreen shrub is an excellent hedging plant for front or back yards as it offers year-long protection. 'Blue Star' juniper is another needled evergreen with silvery-blue foliage and a low growth habit, but it is more self-contained than creeping juniper. The Anglo-Japanese yew is a popular evergreen shrub due to its dense erect growth, green needle leaves and columnar shape that can be pruned to a rounded shape. The tolerance the yew has for shade and the ease with which it can be shaped into a hedge makes it a versatile plant. Indian hawthorn is a species of evergreen ornamental shrub that produces a profusion of pink or white flower clusters. Wintercreeper is a … In zone 5, though hardy, it may not be reliably evergreen unless planted in a sheltered location. In this picture: Mahonia japonica bush with decorative reddish-purple foliage in winter. Large-leaved shrubs are excellent for creating an informal garden at your house. Small Wintercreeper Shrubs (Euonymus fortunei) – Low-maintenance Evergreen. The foliage is the familiar silver-blue color common to junipers, prickly and scaly in texture. The dense foliage consists of oval or oblong, deep-green leaves that have a glossy texture. Grow these shrubs as informal flowering hedges or privacy screens in backyards. See more ideas about shrubs, evergreen shrubs, garden shrubs. ), 21 Evergreen Shrubs (With Pictures and Names) – For Front or Backyard, bushy plants that are good for privacy hedges, small or dwarf evergreen trees for your garden (with pictures), The Best Plants for Hedges: 23 Types of Hedges, The Best Privacy Trees: List of Great Privacy Fence Trees. Chinese Juniper ‘Mathot’ is a compact size juniper shrub that will increase the curb appeal of your front of house. 'Pendula' is a 10-foot shrub with a weeping habit. This low-spreading shrub is excelling in rock gardens or small yards where space is limited. Indian Hawthorn is a type of evergreen flowering shrub with pink or white flowers. Not great as a hedging plant, this flowering landscaping shrub is perfect as a specimen bush. Other evergreen shrubs may be striking enough to go solo and serve as specimen plants. Yew shrubs are common hedging plants as they can be trimmed to create box-shaped formal hedges. Here are 12 popular choices for evergreen landscape shrubs. When planted together, the shrubs create a living privacy screen, or plant them as a foundation plant in a front yard. The shrub’s evergreen foliage looks stunning throughout the year. Grow flowering cherry laurel shrubs in full sun or partial shade. Other broad-leafed ornamental flowering bushes such as azaleas and laurustinus have a less formal appearance. Azaleas and rhododendrons belong to the same genus and the difference is sometimes hard to identify. The foliage consists of prickly, scaly needles that are blue-green in color, sometimes turning purplish in winter. The foliage color is generally very dark green, sometimes bordering on black. Its other common name is the glossy-leaf paper plant. Its older leaves develop a darker color that gives it its name. The needle-like leaves are a bright green color that stays the same shade all year long.
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