I ordered several keets and they all arrived healthy in June. Typical guinea fowl but feathers are a beautiful purple grey. Guineas are great for back yard foraging and reducing the population of ticks. Pricing. The guinea makes a very good watch dog and will let you know if an intruder is around. I ordered 24 meets and I got 27! Require very little grain when free ranging for food. Not the dogs fault they were his yard. We raised ours on their own and not with chickens. This can include an owl lighting in the tree near them or one accidentally bumping into the other at 2am in the dark. It consists of a variety of animal and plant food such ass seeds, grains,  spiders, snails, worms, and many kinds of insects. 1. Graf’s Blueberry Farm Guinea Fowl. Occasionally eat some blueberries, but otherwise leave all of our various crops alone. We plan on ordering more in the spring. Semi- spotted. They are quite a bit smaller than a chicken egg but taste great! Guinea fowl is the birds within the order of Galliformes, that also includes birds such as turkey, pheasant, quail, chickens, along with a few others. With the unbearable heat, i believe they just got too warm. Iron bridge Ranch love the lavender ones but they are too laid back! Thanks, hoping they all do well tonight! My Cart: 0 item(s) ... LAVENDER-GUINEA-KEETS Lavender Guinea Keets $7.50. From various kind of guinea fowl colors, this breed is one of the most beautiful guineas. We ordered 5 lavender guineas after being disgusted by the number of ticks we were picking off our dogs. It can be for hobby, for attraction, even consumption. replacements. They are close to 2 months now! When I picked them up at the post office I could hear them chirping very loudly! From various kind of guinea fowl colors, this breed is one of the most beautiful guineas. We lost 2 as babies and raised 15 to adulthood. Since we enjoy variety, we order Lavender Guineas. Place an order today for your local 4H and FFA student who want to show or breed … Incredible Guinea Fowl Sounds, a Reliable Alarm on Your Farm. They are thriving in our neighborhood!!! Guinea Fowl; Lavender Guineas; Lavender Guineas. Incubation of guinea hatching eggs. Lavender Guinea Keets. Of course, it makes them very useful and extremely easy to raise. Best experience from ordering, shipping, managing expectations, education and product – thank you Cackle Hatchery, you are the best. Love the color as it flashes in the sun. Lavender: They are light blue with white dots. The ordering process is super easy, they provide detailed instructions on what to do when your chicks arrive. If I ever want/need to order more guineas I will definitely be back! Also: violet,buff, Dundotte , Dunne, Lite sky, lite coral and lite lavender. The color is light grey, or lavender with distinct pearl markings. One of the Lavender was the first to get very verbal and makes us laugh! Variance of Royal Purple. When is being hatched, the lavender keets are a light blue with dark blue stripes and markings. Shop For Guinea fowl at Stromberg's! Lavender guinea fowl was one of them which still exists until now. We’re very happy with our guineas. Find Quality Guinea Fowl for Sale at Cackle Hatchery. They jump on cars, roofs, hot tub… They also didn’t understand they should be scared of dogs since our dog is really nice. Some of them are really just different shades of the other but they are all listed here. You can view and order these online and in our catalog. They arrived on time, communication and reminders about shipping were prompt. Black color with bronze cast over shoulders, back, neck and chest. It doesn't matter which is the hen and which is the cock the results will be the same as long as there aren't any hidden recessive genes. Lavender: They are light blue with white dots. the replacement shipment arrived and they are all healthy and happy. These birds have been great! Order now for estimated delivery by May 29, 2021. Lavender guinea fowl can do best in groups of their own kind. The belly is light blue. They are cool and pretty but have no boundaries. I am hoping they will lay eggs to boost our pack. Poultry Guinea fowl colours are mostly just shades of blue , brown and white or combinations thereof. All 5 with 2 extras arrived healthy and happy. customer until the end. If you’re looking for a place to get your birds in the spring, look no further! Once a few hatch they always seem to abandon the nest where the unhatched chicks die in the eggs. our farm. Lavender Guinea Keets $ 7.5. – April 9, 2020. This is one of the popular. Blond - Soft brown color. Cackle hatchery is highly recommended! Most of the keets died. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This guinea breed is similarly colored to the, Lavender guinea fowl is not a pure breed. This is because of their alert behavior and vocal nature. In that regard they are great watch dogs. This morning I have consulted the guinea fowl international color chart which is how I guessed the ones that have possible colors identified. I prefer the Lavender over the Purple. Besides, their shanks and toes are light gray to orange in color. Unlike chicken that can scratch up the plants, the lavender guinea fowl will not. Low maintenance and wonderful little dinosaur birds so long as you can put up with the alarm calls. We have lost 2 more since moving them out of the barn as adults to coyotes. Guinea Fowl Colors : Find 7 Types Of Guinea Fowl Species With Various Beautiful Colors, Guinea Fowl Sounds As The Alarm Call That Make Excellent ‘Watchdogs”, Guinea Fowl For Sale In Jualayamhias.com From The Eggs To Adult Ready To Be Raised, Types Of Guinea Fowl : Know The General Classification Of Guinea Fowl Types, 11 Best Chicken Breeds That Can Produce Lot Of Eggs, Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale : Read This Information Before You Buy Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale, Royal Purple Guinea Fowl : Royal Purple Guinea Fowl Description, Sounds, Coop Preparation, And Other Information, 5 Information to Know More About Crested Guineafowl, White Guinea Fowl : A Solid Pure White Color Creature That You Can Keep At Your Homestead As Both House Pets And Exterminators. Overall we have enjoyed raising them and they have made a great addition to our little farm. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but chickens know when they are off of their turf. This was my second year purchasing guineas from this hatchery. Place an order today for your local 4H and FFA student who want to show or breed them. Now 5 months in, all of them are doing very well.. Thank you cacklehatchery for making this possible. Lavender guinea fowl was one of them which still exists until now. They seem to wonder off a bit more and explore but always go back to the group or the group follows them. Barring any hidden recessive genes in either the pearl gray or the lavender the results will be all pearl grays. There are over 20 different colours of Guinea Fowl. However, if you keep them with chickens, you need to train your guineas first. Similar with the other types of guinea fowl, this guinea are alret and flighty. All 5 of our guineas are doing great almost 7 months after their arrival! I raised them at the same time and in the same way as 10 pearl keets I bought locally which I lost none of. Similar with all guinea keets, the lavender guinea keets are very cute and innocent. Guineas are a fascinating bird and these are so different from most of the pearl “black” ones I see mostly around my place. Product ID: 7PUG. Our guinea fowl are the most delightful creatures. This is why you need to keep an eye to them if your guineas are not used to living with chickens yet. They have orange beak, legs, and toes. They are pretty loud birds but we do not mind it at all. Males get bright blue heads! Guinea Fowl Food : Is It Possible To Try Making Guinea Fowl Food At Home. We know we can count on quality keets here, and keep them as our go-to for any new fowl. When they are fully grown, lavender guinea fowl are light blue with white dots. Arrived in good condition. Will be ordering more next spring. over 40 years and this is the first time that I have ever gotten a DOA We have even started getting eggs in their coupe. Thank The eggs may be incubated under: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And the belly is light blue. How can it be? Moreover, they can also get along with other flock members or livestocks. saddened to say we lost two of them my dog got one of them and we only had to put a muzzle on her for two days now she leaves them alone I’m pretty sure the dark purple guineas killed the other one! Made a large order of mixed guineas for my grandmother’s flock which has decreased in size over the past 25 years from more than 35 to 6 due to coyotes and stray dogs in the past few years.
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