These Lactation Cookies along with my Lactation Brownies helped me do just that. Add in the sugar and beat on medium to high speed until fluffy, about 4 to 5 minutes, scraping down the sides of the bowl if needed. iBooks, Your email address will not be published. Coconut Milk used should be the unsweetened kind you find in a carton in the dairy cooler, not canned. Lactation Cookies are an easy dessert recipe that helps increase milk production with added ingredients like coconut milk, Brewer’s yeast, and oatmeal! Mix flour, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, baking soda, salt, and cream of tartar in a separate bowl; add … But I wanted an oversupply so that I could store enough milk away so that Evie could have some every day until she turned 1. All Rights Reserved. Guess one a day? Ingredients (makes 6 dozen) 1 cup of butter or margarine 1 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar 4 tablespoons of water I started weaning in July and dropped to 1 pump for a few weeks before stopping completely. Or bake half a batch and freeze the other half. Add the dry ingredients in two separate additions, mixing the dough after each addition and scraping down the sides if needed. And let me tell you, those 8 weeks were ROUGH. My daughter LOVES them. In a small bowl, combine the flax meal and coconut milk and allow to sit for 5 minutes while you prep the other ingredients. These will taste best written EXACTLY as is. Hey hey! Most likely because he is taking calories from me at night? In a separate large bowl or stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, cream together the butter, coconut oil, and sugars until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Set aside. They just have some extra goodness like coconut milk, Brewer’s yeast, and flax meal thrown into the mix. I really, really suggest leaving the amount of fat/butter in the cookies – it adds to the calorie value and new moms need those calories! posted in: Baby, Recipes, Video Don’t let the name fool you…these easy Lactation Cookies, aka Breastfeeding Cookies are an amazing oatmeal cookie… It’s hard to believe my little Evie girl is 5 months old already and I’ve been enjoying these Lactation Cookies for just as long to help build and maintain my milk supply. And I plan to pump longer than 6 months because it has gotten so much easier. Now that my supply has regulated and I’m pumping just twice a day, it doesn’t feel like it’s as much of a burden as it did in the beginning. So stick around a discover something delicious! Like actual taste-good cookies. Collagen peptides contain the same amino acids as gelatin which is identical to the protein found in skin, nails, hair, bones, cartilage, and joints. If you’re a fan of thick and slightly crunchy cookies, you’ll want to give these ones a try! Mix the dry and wet ingredients with the hands. Mix oats, baking soda, fenugreek, cinnamon, baking powder, yeast, salt and nuts together in a bowl.Blend together banana, eggs, and coconut oil until getting a smooth texture. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Save Recipe. But I know that sometimes you gotta make some changes! Looking for other delicious recipes to increase your milk supply? // Ingredients like oatmeal are high in iron, which may explain their benefits. Just out of curiosity, what is your pump schedule? I was an over producer so when I went to 2 pumps I was still producing between 20 and 30 ounces a day. Making a freshly baked double batch isn’t great because the cookies aren’t super soft and moist and that number of cookies will dry out before eaten. Click here to learn more! Recipe Notes: I came up with this recipe for my mom friends who can’t have nuts, but if you’d prefer a “Paleo” lactation cookie, try adding brewer’s yeast or nutritional yeast to my Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe So bake some up to bring when you go to meet the new baby in your life! I appreciate you so much! Your email address will not be published. For how many minutes is the cooking time? 550 Shares. Collagen Peptides can be omitted from the recipe. Subscribe to receive new posts via email: Order Now: Barnes & Noble // Amazon // Indiebound. Ok, I did review on November 16 & said I would do follow-up. Now I keep the dough frozen and pull a couple of cookies out to bake when I’ve had a clogged duct or notice a small drop in my supply to help me recover and maintain. How many times do you pump both day and night and what is your frequency? I started by eating 3 cookies per day and once my supply was where I wanted it, I cut back. Gradually add in the dry ingredients, beating on low speed until just combined and mixed. Required fields are marked *. I added I cup creamy peanut butter & OMG these are great! My recipes are inspired by classic comfort food, the places I travel, and pop culture! These healthy Lactation Cookies are a life-saver for new moms. They’re made with milk-boosting ingredients, like flax seed, oats, and brewer’s yeast, and feature healthier ingredients to avoid a sugar crash later.Because moms need all the energy they can get! When I decided to exclusively pump, I knew it was going to be hard. You could always try adding a little extra milk or coconut oil to help bind the dough a little more. If you do not have coconut milk, oat milk or water can be used as a substitute. Your email address will not be published. Did you level off your measuring cup? And don’t forget to tag me – @sugarandsoulco – on Instagram and Pinterest with your photos! But I pushed through and ultimately decided to keep going and set myself a new goal of 6 months. You can also Subscribe to my Newsletter so you never miss a delicious recipe again! I sort of think that the cookies are an excuse to… eat cookies? I recommend taking this to help with postpartum hair loss. This isn’t a soft cookie dough so you don’t need to place parchment paper between the cookie dough balls before freezing. Deliver both. Even since having Max, I’ve developed this hangry hunger every morning, to a point where if I don’t eat something very soon after waking, I feel physically sick. Your email address will not be published. They are all easy to make and you could always add a little of the brewer’s yeast to these recipes. Thanks po. They are, after all, a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie at their core. I love carbs, sugar, and cheese and you’ll find a lot of comfort food here! Lactation Cookie Nutrition (per cookie): Calories: 145, Fat: 7g, Carbohydrates: 18, Fiber: 2g, Protein: 4g. In my case, I started seeing a gradual supply increase in about 24 to 36 hours after eating my first cookie. Delicious cookies. LACTATION COOKIES A tasty little recipe that may also help to improve the quality and supply of breast milk. To thaw, transfer to the fridge, once thawed, bake according to the recipe directions. Also, please note that lactation treats or food of any kinds have not been scientifically proven to increase supply. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, Brewer’s yeast, collagen peptides, oatmeal, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Yes, thank you for pointing out that that was missing, just fixed in the recipe card. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. See notes regarding extra dough. If you don’t like hearty cookies, go ahead and add the oatmeal to a food processor and pulse until a coarse crumb forms. Pin 453. Lactation Cookies • Posted on January 8, 2020 • Shelly • 9 comments ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 from 2 reviews. These also make a wonderful gift for new nursing or pumping moms. You found me. I caught my husband sneaking them more than once . I have a serious sweet tooth and love a good cocktail and pancakes and bacon are definitely my weakness! Having a low iron level can lead to decreased milk supply. Tweet. Collagen Peptides – Okay, so this product isn’t a milk supply booster, it’s more just another beneficial product for new moms. I wanted to make actual enjoyable cookies, ones I wanted to eat, ones I’d be happy to grab twice a day, maybe three times. feel free to add: unsweetened flaked coconut, chopped almonds, 1 to 2 tablespoons of almond butter. They are big!!! Find the step-by-step instruction and full printable recipe at the bottom of the post! I would only add 1 tablespoon at a time until desirable consistency is reached. If you’ve tried this recipe please let me know how you liked it in the comments below and leave a review, I love hearing from you! Click save recipe to create an online cookbook Lactation biscuits are a natural, homespun way to increase your milk supply at all stages of your breastfeeding journey. In the bowl of your electric mixer, beat the butter and coconut oil on medium speed until creamy.
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