I don't think it smells bad at all. It seems to do the job, but I like a different brand better. After one wash & following instructions my hair looked shinier and toned! Color Balance Blue. Color shampoo can make your highlights looking salon fresh while prolonging trips back to said salon. This is the best purple shampoo. It does leave your hair dry but you shouldn't use it every time you wash your hair! I guess I could call it a darkest dishwater blonde. I love this. I also got the shampoo and conditioner . I use this conditioner once/week. Don’t worry if some gets on your shower floor, it will wash off. When hair starts to look dull or the difference between your roots and the body bothers you, it’s time to use Color Balance. I would totally recommend this, especially if your hair has been through a lot/is fragile! I've used multiple other brands (Pravana, Drybar, etc.) Their color balance series came out in the last few years. I used this in conjunction with the conditioner, which I do find makes me hair a bit greasy. Really happy to have been recommended this product from my colorist. The key is to use the right color to counteract your hair’s undertones. I Have used several purple shampoo, this by far is the best one I have ever used. Use it every few shampoos until you can get back to the salon. I have a bayalage with my natural dark warm blonde at the top/middle fading into very bleached hair. Most brands only offer purple shampoo, but Joico has both blue and purple. Would recommend. Color Balance. Benefits: Tone-correcting pigments attach to the hair fibers & stay attached through multiple shampoos. Only need to use once a week. I just had my hair bleached again and my stylist recommended this shampoo to me. Use 2-3 times per week. I had been getting these undesired orange hues in my hair. Joico's Color Balance Purple color-balancing shampoo gently cleanses while neutralizing yellow tones to maintain blonde/gray hair. Directions: Apply to wet hair and allow the shampoo to absorb for three-to-five minutes. worst mistake -Returning product I tried the blue version first and didn't see a single difference. Unfortunately, it does nothing to tame the frizziness when I air dry my hair. This purple shampoo does absolutely nothing for my blonde. They have had their Color Endurance Shampoo for a while. This is NOT it. Purple also works for gray hair and was the reason Clairol invented purple shampoo way back when. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I use it once a week and leave it in for 10 or so minutes to really brighten my hair, followed by a deep Conditioner and I'm all set! However, once my hair dried, it was a massive difference. Violet 2 (CI 60730), Red 33 (CI 17200). Wish I could give zero stars. Lather . dried up my hair leaving it stiff and tangled Joico’s new Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner, stocked with brass-busting neutralizers that instantly cancel out any unwanted warmth in brunettes, while strengthening the hair with ingredients to protect against fading. Leave in for a few minutes. Say see ya later to orange, brassy tones in lightened or highlighted hair with this neutralizing blue shampoo that receives high marks from users. Shampoo Conditioner. It is drying, but if you're a bottle blonde, you should be using a hair mask/hydrating conditioner regardless! If your hair has more orange or brassy tones, you will need the blue version. and while those may dry out hair, they at least work! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You can get Joico Color Balance at ULTA and it qualifies for the coupons too! This product does not work as advertised please don't purchase. You won’t be using this all the time so it will last awhile (I had one bottle for a year). Tone-correcting pigments attach to the hair fibers & stay attached through multiple shampoos. All things beauty from in and around Maryland. Too bad ULTA staff or JOICO can't pay for it considering it wasn't cheap The consistency of this is kind of thick. If this doesn’t solve your problem your blonde might need toned. Color Balance Purple Shampoo This unique color-correcting formula preserves cool platinum blondes and silver foxes by keeping nasty brassy tones at bay while safeguarding hair’s vibrancy. Apply to wet hair. Joico Color Balance Shampoo & Conditioner, Cr: Joico. Came in to ULTA in search of a good Purple shampoo. I have bleach blonde hair and my hair gets brassy quick, I have tried "Not Your Mother's" & "Shimmer Lights" and they never worked for me. However, all color shampoos are not created equal. So far, it works well. It makes my hair soft and shiny and the silver just "pops". Smells Great! Joico is more pricey but worth it for the size, it has lasted me 1 year! Follow with Color Balance Blue Conditioner for best results. Best Overall: Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo Buy on Ulta Buy on Walmart. Visit Sylvia’s ElleBangs channel for some great at-home toning videos. ONE WASH! You can buy both the shampoo and conditioner or just the shampoo. This stuff is WAY better! I've used a purple shampoo once before and i was kind of a skeptic about them but this one blew my mind! You'd think the purple one would be almost identical, it's even basically the same color out of the bottle, but the formula is not the same, my hair is not nearly as soft or manageable with this one, I will be looking for a new brand once I finish the bottle. I love it. I like this shampoo for toning. I have been searching for a good purple shampoo for my thick, wavy, natural gray hair. Sometimes you can find supersize versions on Amazon (affiliate link included). Not only had it become a more pleasant color, the shine was gorgeous. Anyone who has had their hair like this knows your natural hair won't change tone like the bleached hair will, and I've had purple shampoos leave me with a mess of warm dark blonde with super grey/silver on the lighter parts, with muddiness and patchiness until I washed it a couple more times.
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