Terms It is plagued with production issues and a lack of staff due to ARC-V ruining Studio Gallop's reputation a bit. Revolver belives in the ultimate meaning, the afterlife, and i belive that this is the meaning of the last scene. And if the anime continues in Season 2 level, I will consider Season 1 as the end of the anime. So how is it? It is plagued with production issues and a lack of staff due to ARC-V ruining Studio Gallop's reputation a bit. Season 2 so far is terrible. i dont know what i can tell you , it's a cool show the rules are cool , i like it man . The longer duels feel like their intentionally dragging out the episode count, which they might have to do with the production issues, but it means that there is less time dealing with stuff that feels important. Somewhat better than early GX but by no means a high point for Yu-Gi-Ogh! Please refer to this link for more information. Sorry Yu-gi-oh, this time your character designs were terrible. The anime has many complex characters so far, and there are countless amounts of mysteries in the storyline and character lines. Not great, but its something fresh. Dont be a down person , ''fuck the new rules , fuck the new show , yugioh i like true yugioh'' relax guys give it a try you wont regret it. But yes, definitely watch VRAINS. So far, VRAINS has been the first Yugioh show to really hook me since Yugioh 5Ds, and I am on edge every episode waiting to see what new secrets and plot lines will be revealed! I think these problems and several others i haven't listed because i either forgot or didn't notice is why it flopped and this turned out to be the shortest series (maybe until ygo sevens comes out because that one looks really bad). anime even worth it? This review will go into details why I feel this way. of that is here in Vrains. The rivals have all got a few episodes of introduction which covers why they are the way they are and what reason they have to duel and be part of the VRAINS community. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 8/10. It remains like this until the end of Season 1 aka 33 episodes or so. MyAnimeList.net is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. Revolver is easily one of my favorite Yugioh villains. We will all come to that. I also think the show's brilliance lie in the very well-done introduction of the characters. If anything, the pacing was a bit too fast, as we have our hero facing off against the 1st arc villain around episode 12! FAQ Vrains might actually be my one of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh's so far. The second arc with Bohman and his little brother kind of sucked, mostly because Bohman was such a weak villain. To me Vrains is the weakest series, really bland and disoriented. However, this arc was still important as it led into a huge development in the third and final arc. Yu-gi-oh, for all of its wacky-looking characters, at least all looked decent looking with the multicoloured wacky ass hair. The stakes of the duels force certain characters to win so it can take a lot of the suspense out of it, doesn't apply for everyone but it does for the protagonist which annoys some people. The 2nd season so far is a little bit worse, mainly because 'there's a secondary protagonist and he has to beat every single character so people know that he's strong', but I think it's still fairly good and currently getting more interesting. Don't take this the wrong way; I'm just speaking from the perspective of a non-YGO fan. What makes you say that it's a watered down 5Ds? much going on. General consensus right now amongst YGO fans is that VRAINS has had a pretty great start, and is still going on strong. the series, like most previous YGO animes, suffers from trying to take itself too seriously. Its like a watered down 5Ds. And finally, the villains have been excellently antagonised early in the series by first hinting that they have a valid humane reason for their criminal activities, and then dissipating our sympathy by showing just how ruthless and inhumane they are in achieving their goals. They need to reveal all the victims of the Lost Incident already, give us their past memories and traumas, then build up relationships within the cast and move to the real enemy and show other revelations/secrets.
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