Meranti readily accepts varnish, paint or stain. Why would this happen to kiln dried wood . 0. NB: The Lauan/Meranti group (Shorea, Parshorea, Pentacme): "Endangered". How Palm Wood benefits the environment? So in theory it does not reduce the amount of forest cover. Its open grain structure means surfaces should be sanded before finishing. Origin, S-E Asia. J J 4 years ago I am haing some cracking in some doors i made with a yellow balau core and a 1/8″ thick face veneer of yellow balau. FAQs About Meranti Wood. Last updated on April 9, 2020 By J Gibson McIlvain . Reply. Meranti plywood/Lauan plywood originates from tropical hardwood forests along the Equator that have not been managed for long-term sustainability. The veneers are produced from trees that are harvested in 7 to 10 year cycles. 0. Dark red meranti is sometimes used as a decking material. Meranti is Exceptional for Exterior Applications. It is also used as a face veneer and is very popular as the visible surface of interior doors. Palm Wood is … The faces are cracking lengthwise. Meranti is found in all types of panel products such as core stock, sub flooring, and decorative panels. The negatives of using Meranti and Lauan plywood. If you’re looking back at the Chris Craft boats from the mid-1900s, the Philippine Mahogany used today is simply not the same. Meranti is easy to work with and has good nailing, screwing and gluing properties. The five main groupings for Meranti (Lauan) are: Light Red Meranti, ... so hopefully when they claim it is “sustainable” that claim is genuine. The term "Lauan" or "Philippine mahogany" is applied to 3 genera. Some people would argue that the distinction is spurious. The various species of the 3 genera can be categorized into 5 groups, based on heartwood colour. While it may seem like something only grumpy old men say when looking at the past through rose-colored glasses, wood isn’t really what it used to be. Since boat building requires some of the most durable wood on the planet to be successful, Meranti makes an ideal choice for other exterior projects as well. Well, some species, anyway. It's slightly more awkward to work with, due to interlocking grain.....meranti is much straighter grained timber as it grows tall and in gentle climates wind wise. Sapele is significantly tougher than meranti - definitely the choice for outdoor products such as windows. Meranti and Seraya are names applied only to the genera Shorea. Reply. Low Density Palm Wood; New Zealand Pine; Light Red Meranti; Density Range; 400-800kg/m 3; 150-400kg/m 3; 450kg/m 3; 450kg/m 3; Strength Properties * Modulus of Rupture (MOR) * Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) 30-120 N/mm 2 4000-12,000 N/mm 2 8-25 N/mm 2 1,500-3,500 N/mm 2 66 N/mm 2 7,900 N/mm 2 74 N/mm 2 9,100 N/mm 2 . The timber is not different but it comes from sustainable sources. It is readily used for a wide variety of internal decorative applications and window frames. Solid wood is commonly used in cabinetry, trim, and millwork. RevolutionPly ® plywood is made from sustainable wood sources and contains no tropical hardwoods.
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